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Society of Fellows Members

Surname, First name Project Residency Period
Abergel, Elisabeth The Biopolitics of Cultured Meat: Environment, Food Imaginaries and the Future of Animal Life 2019
Adedeji, Joseph African Urban Wildernesses as Cultural Entities: Bio-culturalism between the Global North and South 2019/2020
Agbonifo, John Green Movements and Environmental Governance in Nigeria 2013
Allen, Jennifer Nourishing the Future: Gene Banking Against Catastrophe in the Global South 2023
Angelone, Samer Human-Elephant Conflict, Rhinoceros Conservation, Population Genetics 2018
Apostolopoulou, Elia A Historical-Geographical Analysis of the Evolution of Market-Based Conservation in Europe: The Case of the UK 2017
Arndt, Melanie 'Chernobyl is everywhere:' The Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster as a Transnational Process 2012
Arnold, Ellen Cultural and Religious Views of Rivers in the Middle Ages 2013
Åsberg, Cecilia On Common Ground: Synthesizing Equitable Environmental Humanities for Climate Change Action 2019
Babatunde, Abosede Omowumi Transcending Gender Norms: Women and the Dynamics of Petro-Conflict in Nigeria’s Niger Delta 2023/2024
Bao, Maohong Transformations of the Land in Chinese Environmental History 2014
Barcz, Anna Lost Landscapes and Broken Human-Animal Bonds: Literature as an Environmental Historiography of Soviet Eastern Europe 2019/2020
Barry, John Beyond Economic Growth: The Political, Ethical and Cultural Dimensions of a Post-Growth of Green Economy 2015
Bartlett, Flora The Moose and the Motor: Climate Scepticism and Landscape in Rural Northern Sweden 2022
Beattie, James Chinese Merchant Networks, Migration and Environmental Transformation in the Southern Pacific, 1790s–1920s 2017
Beilin, Kata Hispanic Agri-Cultures: Interspecies Alliance and Resistance to GM Crops 2017
Bell, Stephen Leo Waibel and the Transformation of Land Use in Brazil 2011
Bergmann, Sigurd Sacred Geography: Religion in the Lived Space of Climatic Change 2011/2012
Berros, María Valeria 2015: Rights of Nature in Latin America: Ethics and Juridical Field in Dialogue 2021: River Rights: Tracing the Ebb and Flow of Judicial Currents Across Continents and Countries 2015, 2021
Berson, Josh Carnivory: The First 1.8 Million Years 2012/2013
Beudel, Saskia Science as Culture: Transgressing Disciplinary Boundaries 1850–2050 2016
Biasillo, Roberta From Soil to Oil: Colonial Ecologies of Libya 2023
Biasillo, Roberta Fascist Ecologies, Colonial Natures 2017/2018
Biggs, David In the Footprints of War: Environmental History, Militarization, and Landscape in Central Vietnam 2017
Blavascunas, Eunice Of Forests and Time: Reworking Communist and Peasant Pasts in the Bialowieza Forest 2013/2014
Boetzkes, Amanda Contemporary Art and the Drive to Waste: Locating Aesthetic Transformations in their Relationship to the Oil Economy and Global Warming 2016/2017
Bonan, Giacomo The Other Side of the Industrial Transition: Wood in a Mineral Energy Regime 2021
Booker, Matthew The Rise and Fall of the Industrial Oyster, 1870-1930 2019
Boomgaard, Peter The Transformation of Landscapes, Humans and Animals: A Systems Approach 2012/2013
Borthakur, Anwesha India’s Invisible Waste Streams 2023/2024
Bracke, Astrid Flooded Futures: the Anthropocene in 21st-Century British Fiction 2019
Brady, Lisa Capitalist Pigs: International Aid Agencies and Agricultural Development in South Korea, 1945-1961 2017
Brara, Rita Adjudicating Resource Use and Conservation in India: The National Green Tribunal, India 2015
Braverman, Irus Governing Coral//The Nature of Occupation 2018
Brock, Emily Another Green World: Tropical Ecology and American Jungle in Philippines 2014
Brown, Timothy The Greening of Cold War Germany: Environmentalism, Social Movements, and the Politics of Knowledge, 1968–1989 2018/2019
Brüggemeier, Franz-Josef History of the Environment, 1750–2010: Germany in an International Perspective 2012/2013
Brunnegger, Sandra Between Rights and Laws: Environment, Livelihood and Belonging 2012
Bsumek, Erika The Concrete West: Engineering Society, Culture and Environments in the Arid West, 1900-1980 2015
Burkay, Helin Material-Discursive Configurations of Local Food at the Margins 2017/2018
Bushnell, Kelly ᓄᓇᒥ / Out Land: An Arctic Life 2019
Caglioti, Angelo The Climate of Fascism
Caglioti, Angelo The Hydro-Politics of Fascism: The Lake Tana Dam Project and Mussolini’s 1935 Invasion of Ethiopia 2019
Cameron, Fiona Governing a Complex Climate Change: Liquid Governmentalities and the Climate Crisis 2011/2012
Cameron, Sarah The Hungry Steppe: Famine, Mass Violence and the Making of Soviet Kazakhstan 2012
Campbell, Alexandra Insurgent Ecologies 2023
Cândido da Silva, André Felipe The Amazon as an Anthropocene Hotspot: Harald Sioli and the German-Brazilian Scientific Cooperation on Amazonian Ecology (1952–2002) 2023/2024
Cao, Mu The Water Supply and Drainage System of Tianjin, 1860-2000 2016/2017
Carlson, Jennifer Unruly Energies: Citizenship Beyond Ecocapital in Germany's Energy Transition 2017
Carney, Judith Mangroves: Habitat of African Survival in the Atlantic World 2018
Carrasco, Anita A Chronicle of Atacameño Life in the Face of Mining 2018/2019
Carrigan, Anthony Representing Postcolonial Disaster: Conflict, Consumption, Reconstruction 2012
Carruthers, Jane Honorary Carson Fellow 2014
Carter, Fred Insurgent Ecologies 2023
Cely-Santos, Marcela Inclusive vitality: human-bee journeys in the tropical countryside 2021
Certomà, Chiara Living Space: Post-Environmentalist Politics in Local Places 2012
Chang, Jiat-Hwee (Trans)forming the Air-conditioning Complexes: Climate Control, Built Environment and Society in Singapore and Doha 2020
Choi, Young Rae The Yellow Sea: A Window onto the Anthropocene 2020
Chu, Pey-Yi The Life of Permafrost: A History of Frozen Earth in Russian and Soviet Science 2016
Cian, Fabio Climate Labs: The "Backstage" of Climate Change 2019
Clifford, Jim London's Ghost Acres, 1850–1919 2015
Cokinos, Christopher Atlas of the Long Tomorrow 2017
Colten, Craig Coastal Landscape Change: Abandonment, Dereliction, Preservation, and Regeneration 2023
Conte, Christopher Landscape and Cosmopolitanism on Pemba Island, Tanzania' 2015
Coudreau, Marin War and Pest Control in Imperial and Soviet Russia as Symmetrical Histories, 1900–1940 2018/2019
Couperus, Stefan 'Grey' Democracy for a Green Future? 2021
Cox, Peter Care, Commons, and Uncontrollability: Cycling as Transformative Interaction 2023
Craig, Geoffrey Eco-Affect and Stories of Everyday Sustainability 2019
Crimmel, Hal Drink: The Nature of Beverages and the Transformation of Landscapes 2015
Culver, Lawrence Manifest Disaster: Climate and the Making of America 2013
Cushman, Gregory The Anthropocene: A History of the Earth under Human Domination 2015
da Silva, Claiton Transforming a Brazilian Biome 2017/2018
Deer, Jemma Mycomorphism: Fungi and the Literary Imagination
de Freitas, Joana Gaspar Against the Sand and the Sea: Dune Intervention in Coastal Defense Strategies 2015
Delina, Laurence Stewarding the Earth: Transformative Strategies for the Climate Action Movement // Sustainable Energy Transitions in Developing Countries: The Challenges of Climate Change and Sustainable Development 2017
DeLoughrey, Elizabeth Outer Spaces: Imagining the Ends of the Earth 2019
De Rita, Donatella The Role of Geology in Urban Site and Development: The Case of Rome and Naples Cities 2012
Dey, Arnab Unkempt Edens: Tea and the Culture of Commerce in Eastern India, 1840–1940 2016
Doel, Ronald E. Cold War Planet: Constituting the Physical Environmental Sciences Fall 2021
Dolata, Petra Energy Transitions as Lived Experience: A Transnational Study of Deindustrializing Coal Regions in Europe since 1945
Dollma, Merita Protected Areas of Albania 2017/2018
Donati, Kelly Multispecies Gastronomy: Entangled Worlds of Food and Farming in the Capitalocene 2019/2020
Donoso, Alfonso A Political Morality of Species Extinction and Intergenerational Interspecies Justice 2021
Dorondel, Stefan Global Nature, Multispecies Approaches, and the Ecological Restoration of the Danube 2020
Dorondel, Stefan Transforming the Socialist Landscape: New Rural Elites, Property Rights and Land Use Changes in Post-Socialist Romania 2010
Dorries, Heather Indigenous Political Ecologies and Floodwater Governance
Dudley, Marianna Greening the MOD: An Environmental History of the UK Defence Estate, 1945 - to Present 2011/2012
Dufour, Étienne History of the Biogeochemical Policies of the Parisian Area from the 1940s to the 1990s 2023
Dunlop, Catherine Mistral: Environment and Society in Nineteenth-Century France 2018
Earhart, Nicholas The Poetics of the Los Angeles River
Eggleston, Carrick Cultures of Energy: Societal Transformations in the Service of Sustainable Systems 2016
Egner, Heike Space, Place and Knowledge: Natural Disasters and Cultures of Risk in Modern Societies 2010
Egya, Sule Emmanuel Eco-Aesthetics, Environmental Justice, and Social Transformation in Contemporary Nigeria 2018/2019
Elie, Marc Great Steppe, Disastrous Steppe: Scientists and Natural Calamities in Twentieth-Century Russia 2011
Ertsen, Maurits 'A White Man’s Enterprise': Colonial and Post-Colonial Irrigation Development on the Gezira Plain, Sudan 2013
Evtuhov, Catherine New Directions in Russian Environmental History 2017
Farmer, Jared The Latest Oldest Tree: Survival Stories for a Time of Extinction 2018
Feditchkina Tracy, Elena Resilient Environmental Governance: Leadership, Values, and Institutions 2018
Ferdinand, Malcom A world beyond the toxic ruins of slavery and colonization: The struggle against chlordecone in the French Antilles (1969-2019) 2020
Fernando, Tamara Of Mollusks and Men: Diving for Pearls in the Indian Ocean 1850–1925 2022
Finley, Carmel All the Boats on the Ocean: Subsidies and the Growth of Post-war Fisheries 2012
FitzGerald, Lisa Re-Place: Performative Landscapes as Conceptual Ecological Environments 2016/2017
Fontanari, Thibault Walking and Poetry as Ways of Dwelling. A Study with the Herders of the Karakoram Mountains, Pakistan 2022
Forêt, Philippe Unwelcome News from the Field: Transformations in the Environment and Societies of Ancient Asia 2017
Gallini, Stefania Dona Juana's Ancestors: A History of Waste and Bogotá (Colombia), Late 19th to late 20th century 2010
Gao, Yan Transforming the Water Regime: State, Society, and Ecology of the Jianghan Plain in Late Imperial and Modern China 2016
Garcia Acosta, Virginia Disaster Risk Reduction, Prevention, and Resilience: A Global Comparison 2015
Gaynor, Andrea Australia’s Southern Mallee Lands and the Control of Nature 2015
Gerhardt, Christina Atlas of Islands in a Rising Ocean 2022
Giggs, Rebecca Infrafauna: Ecological Intimacy in a Post-sustainability Context 2018
Ginn, Franklin Anthroposcenes in the Firth of Forth 2016
Gioielli, Rob Race, Sprawl and Sustainability: How the American Way of City Building is Killing the Planet 2021
Gioielli, Robert Hard Asphalt and Heavy Metals: An Environmental History of the Urban Crisis 2011
Gioielli, Robert How Racism Made the American Metropolis Unsustainable 2019
Girard, Bérénice From River Management to Solar Rollout: Environmental Policies and Their Actors in Contemporary India 2022
Gißibl, Bernhard The Nature of German Imperialism: Conservation and the Politics of Wildlife in Colonial East Africa 2013
Glassheim, Eagle Cleansing Czechoslovakia's Borderlands, 1945-1989 2012
Goodbody, Axel Climate Scepticism: Cultures and Subjectivities 2015
Graf von Hardenberg, Wilko The Alps as a Contested Environment: Germany, Austria and Italy, 1860-1960 2010/2011
Granado-Torres, Carolina The Politics of Expertise: The Advisory Group on Greenhouse Gases (1986–90) 2023/2024
Gregg, Sara Free Land: A History of Homesteading in America 2017
Griffiths, Tom The Lore of the Land: Australian Natural Histories 2016
Gross, Rachel Buckskin to Gore-Tex: A Consumer History of Outdoor Recreation 2019
Groß, Robert The Marshall Plan and the Great Acceleration of Europe 2019
Gu, Bowen Black Gold and Yellow River—Environmental Justice on the Coal Frontiers in China 2023
Haalboom, Floor Feeding Factory Farms: A Global Environmental History of Livestock Feed 2018/2019
Hall, Marcus Our Bodies, Our Planet: A Parasite's View of Human History 2019
Halsey, Stephen Prometheus Bound: Environmental Crisis and the Developmental State in Modern China 2020
Hasenöhrl, Ute Empires of Light, Empires of Darkness 2020
Hay, Amy The Defoliation of America: Agent Orange Herbicides and the American Public 2012
Healy, Noel Overcoming Carbon Lock-In 2017
Heidbrink, Ingo Icebergs and Ice-Stones: Industrial Development in Greenland in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries: Risk Acceptance in an Arctic Environment 2011
Helbert, Maryse Mired: Women in the Oil Zones 2018
Hennessy, Elizabeth On the Backs of Tortoises: The Past and Future of Evolution in the Galapagos Islands 2017
Heymann, Matthias Environmental Coherence: Investigating Relationships of Technology and Natural Disaster 2014
Hill, Rory The Storied Soil: Uncovering the Logic and Rhetoric of Terroir 2018/2019
Hinde, Dominic Journalism in the Anthropocene 2019
Holm, Poul Deep Harvests: An Environmental History of World Fisheries 2013
Honda, Eiko The Emergence of Queer Nature: Minakata Kumagusu and the Making of Microbial Paradigm, 1887–1912 2022
Horn, Eva Air: A Cultural Theory of Climate 2019
Hou, Shen Old Land, New Nature: The Journey of the Ideas and Practices of Nature Conservation from the United States to China 2013
Hudlet Vázquez, Karen Contested Underground Water Territories: Law, Knowledges, and Social Movements against Agribusiness in Yucatan, Mexico 2023
Hulme, Mike Climate and Culture 2014
Husain, Faisal An Environmental History of the Ottoman Arid Frontier, 1500–1700 2022
Idema, Tom Environmental Posthumanism in Literature and Science 2017
Iovino, Serenella Italo Calvino and the Environmental Humanities 2017/2018
Isenberg, Andrew Indians, Smallpox, and Vaccination in the Antebellum American West 2012
Issaluk, Johnny ᓄᓇᒥ / Out Land: An Arctic Life 2019
Jacobs, Nancy The Global Grey Parrot 2018
Jakobsson, Eva Lake Vänern: Exploring the History of Europe's Third Largest Lake 2013
Jeon, Chihyung A Dredged Nation: The Four Rivers Restoration Project and the Envirotechnical Transformation of South Korea 2016
Johnson, Sherry Climate, Colonialism, Crisis, and Change in the Carribean in the Age of the Revolution, 1748-1804 2010
Johnson, Jennifer Lee Littoral Politics: Submerged Histories of an Inland African Sea 2018
Jones, Elizabeth The Settlement Imagination: German Internal Colonization and Empire, 1850-1930 2010/2011
Jones, Ryan Red Spouts: A Global Environmental History of Soviet Whaling 2017
Josephson, Paul The Conquest of the Arctic During Soviet Power, 1930-90 2011
Kalantzakos, Sophia Djibouti: The Transformative Power of Geography 2015; 2018
Kanouse, Sarah My Electric Genealogy 2019/2020
Karch, Brendan Railroads and the Central European Environment 2019
Kariuki, Rebecca East African Futures: Impacts of Land Cover Change on Achieving Sustainable Development Targets 2021
Karskens, Grace Lost Country: An Environmental History of the Penrith Lakes Scheme and Castlereagh, New South Wales 2012
Katzeman, Aaron Land, Art, Liberation: Groundings of Revolutionary Ecology 2022
Kavalski, Emilian Natural Disasters and Security Governance: Shifting from a Strategic Culture of Risk-Elimination to a Strategic Culture of Risk Adaption 2010/2011
Kehrt, Christian Eternal Ice in the Cold War. The Scientific Exploration and Exploitation of the Polar Regions, 1957-1991 2009/2010
Keller, Tait A Global Environmental History of the First World War 2018
Kelly, Matthew Quartz and Feldspar: A History of Dartmoor 2012/2013
Kelsey, Elin Circumnavigating Hope: A Journey to Find and Share Successful Environmental Outcomes 2013/2014
Keogh, Luke The Storied Landscape: A Queensland Collection 2012/2013
Khayyat, Munira A Landscape of War: Ecologies of Resistance and Survival in South Lebanon 2021
Kim, John History of Limestone Use and Its Effects 2018/2019
Kinniburgh, Fiona Unearthing European Agriculture(s): The Politics of Pesticide Reduction in France and Germany 2022
Kiss, Andrea Causes and Consequences of Major 18th Century Danube Floods at Pest-Buda 2012
Klingle, Matthew Sweet Blood: Diabetes and the Changing Nature of Modern Health 2019
Knoll, Martin Topographies of Nature - Nature of Topographies: Settlements, Territories, and Environment in Early Modern Historical-Topographical Literature 2009/2010
Krauß, Werner Climate Change as Culture War? The Anthropology of the Climate Blogosphere 2018
Krebs, Angelika And What Was There Accepted Us – Landscape, 'Stimmung', and 'Heimat' 2014
Krishnan, Siddhartha An Historical Sociology of Colonial and Post-colonial Transformation of Montane Grasslands and Pastoral Lives of Todas, 1940-2011 2012
Kupper, Patrick Creating Wilderness: A Transnational History of the Swiss National Park 2010
Kwashirai, Vimbai Transformations in Environment and Society in Makonde District, Zimbabwe: 2000-2015 2016
LaDow, Beth The Barnstormers – a screenplay inspired by the history of oil, early aviation, and clashing cultures in 1920s Oklahoma 2019
LaFauci, Lauren On Common Ground: Synthesizing Equitable Environmental Humanities for Climate Change Action 2019
Laituri, Melinda Integrated Environmental History of Watersheds 2011; 2018
Lajus, Julia New Directions in Russian Environmental History 2017
Lal Dawar, Jagdish Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Conservation of Natural Resources among the Hill Tribes of North-East India: Arunachal Pradesh since the Nineteenth Century 2011
Langthaler, Ernst The “Miracle Bean” and the Transformations of the Global Food Regime since 1870 2016
Leal, Claudia Landscapes of Freedom: The Pacific Lowlands of Colombia, 1850-1930 2012
LeCain, Timothy Hybridity, Techno-Symmetry, and Bio-Indicators: A Comparative History of Landscape, Culture, and Technology in Japanese and American High Modernist Copper Mining 2011/2012
Lee, Jessica Der Stechlin: A Lake and Its Legacy in the Context of Climate Change 2017
Leinfelder, Reinhold Technology, Nature and Culture in the Anthropocene - Learning from the Future 2012; 2014
Lekan, Thomas Arusha 1961: The Making of the “Global Environment” in an East African Town 2020
Lekan, Thomas Saving the Serengeti: Tourism, the Cold War, and the Paradox of German Nature Conservation in Postcolonial Africa, 1950- 1985 2013
Leonardi, Cherry Conservation, Conflict and Cultures of Nature in South Sudan and Northern Uganda 2020
Lewis, Dan Chasing Extinction: Hawaiian Avifauna Among Tropical Culture, Politics, and Law 2015
Locke, Piers Servants of Ganesh: Humans, Elephants, and Landscapes in Nepal 2014/2015
López, Marcela Contested Urban Waterscapes in Medellín, Colombia 2017/2018
Lou, Loretta Ieng Tak The Power of Example: Green Living and Social Transformations in Hong Kong 2023
Lousley, Cheryl Public Memory, Popular Culture, and the 1984-85 Ethiopian Famine 2010
Love, Bridget Places at their Limits: The Problem of Sustainability in Rural Japan 2012
Lowe, Celia Viral Clouds: Avian Influenza, Biosecurity, and Environmental Flourishing in Indonesia 2015
Lowman, Margaret A Girl Who Loved Pistils—Dispatch from the 8th Continent 2018
Ludlow, Francis Climate as Catalyst in 1,224 Years of Violence and Conflict in Ireland, AD425 - 1649 2013/2014
MacEachern, Alan The Miramichi Fire // Tracking Climate & Its Transformation: Phenology in Canada 2016
MacGregor, Sherilyn Heat and Light: Interdisciplinary Feminist Contributions to Environmental Ethics, Politics and Movements 2014
Maher, Neil Seeing Nature: An Environmental Humanities Field Guide to Visual Culture 2019
Makai, Péter Playing to Survive: Communicating Climate Change in Computer and Board Games 2022
Malkmus, Bernhard The Scandal of Nature Literature and the Environment 2015/2016
Margulies, Jared The Succulent Subject: A Political Ecology of Plants, Desire, and Illicit Trade 2022
Mart, Michelle Pesticides: A Love Story 2014
Martin, Gary Adaptation of Local Knowledge Societies and Systems to Global Change 2010; 2011; 2012
Martin, Melusine Digital Waters: Understanding the Impact of Virtual Blue Spaces on Environmental Identity and Wellbeing 2023/2024
Mathieu, Jon A Short History of the Alps from Prehistory to the Present 2013
Matsui, Kenichi The Ethical and Legal Implications of Traditional Knowledge Studies: A Search for a New Direction in Applied Environmental Ethics 2013
Matteson, Kieko Masters of Their Woods: Conservation, Community, and Conflict in Revolutionary France, 1669-1848 2013
Mauelshagen, Franz The Climatological Revolution of the Eighteenth Century 2014
Mavhunga, Clapperton Incoming Technology and African Innovation 2011
McAfee, Kathleen Green Economy and its Others: Scarcity, Rights and Abundance 2014
McCorristine, Shane Dreamscapes of the Arctic in Nineteenth-Century Narratives of Exploration 2010
McCrea, Heather Gulf of Disease: Environment, Medicine, and State-Building in Cuba, Mexico and Panama, 1880-1940 2014
McKittrick, Meredith White Settler Society and the Agrarian Imagination in Southern Africa 2018/2019
McNeill, John A Global Environmental History of the Industrial Revolution, 1780-1914 2011
Mei, Xueqin 'Dirty Father Thames': The Pollution and Restoration of the Thames River, 1840s–1980s 2014
Menon, Ajit Contested Conservation: Governmentalizing Landscapes and Belonging in the Nilgiri-Wayanad Region of South India 2019/2020
Mentz, Steve An Introduction to the Blue Humanities 2022
Merrill-Glover, Aneurin “The Whole Body of the Fenne”: Bodily Metaphor and Seventeenth-Century Fen Drainage 2022-23
Meyer, John M. Environmentalism as Social Criticism: Engaging Material Practices in the Pursuit of Sustainability 2012/2013
Meyer, Jan-Henrik When Europe Went Green: Transnational Networks and the Origins of European Environmental Policy since the 1970s 2013
Mighetto, Lisa Building an Online Forum for Environmental History 2019
Miller, Shawn Panamericana: Natural Obstacles and Environmental Impacts along the Pan-American Highway 2021
Milne, Anne Enclosures: Liquid Landscapes, Canonicity, and the British Eighteenth-Century Labouring Class Poet 2011
Mincyte, Diana The Pasteurization of Lithuania: The Politics of Subsistence and Sustainability in Post-Industrial Europe 2011
Misbahuzzaman, Khaled Traditional Environmental Knowledge Systems of the Ethnic Communities of Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh 2014
Misbahuzzaman, Khaled
Mitman, Gregg Forgotten Paths of Empire: Firestone and the Promise of Liberia 2013/2014; 2016/2017
Molina, Diego Transatlantic Gardens and the Nineteenth-Century Botanical Exchange 2022
Mom, Gijs Space, Sound, Smog and the Senses: Environmental Mobility History in the Making 2009/2010
Monani, Salma Indigenous Eco-Visions: The Ecological Sensibilities Of Fourth Cinema 2015/2016
Moon, David New Directions in Russian Environmental History 2017
Moraglio, Massimo Social Movement in the Car Century: Tramway Revival and the Hope for a New Urban Environment, 1980-2010 2014
Moran-Thomas, Amy Planetary Health and the Global Diabetes Epidemic 2017
Morgan, Ruth Australindia: An Environmental History of Australia in the Indian Ocean World, 1788-1914 2018
Morrissey, Katherine Visual Legacies: Reimagining the Borderlands Environment 2018
Muir, Cameron The Broken Promise of Agricultural Progress: An Environmental History 2013/2014
Mukherjee, Jenia Changing Trajectories of Blue Infrastructure in Kolkata 2019
Müller, Birgit Seeds, Soils, and Politics 2017/2018
Müller, Simone March 2015 July 2015
Müller, Simone Contamination Guaranteed: America’s Hazardous Waste in Global Perspective, 1960s-1990s 2015
Munns, David To Live Among the Stars: The Cold War Crusade to Engineer an Artificial Environment for Space Travel 2017/2018
Murayama, Satoshi Industrious Revolution and Disaster Management in Japan 2013
Mwatwara, Wesley The State, Africans, and Livestock Regimes in Zimbabwe, c.1890 to Present 2018
Myllyntaus, Timo Harvest Failures and Famines in Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century Finland, Iceland, and Ireland: Cross-Country Comparison of Socio-economic and Environmental Margins 2012
Navakas, Michele Early American Coral: A Literary and Cultural History 2021
Neef, Julian Shaping Relationships with Nature: Local Resource Nexuses in the Context of Development Corridors in Virunga National Park 2023
Nelson, Anitra Small is Necessary: Shared Living on a Shared Planet 2016/2017
Nodari, Rubens Has ecosystem management based on techno-scientific practices twisted sustainability? 2019/2020
Nodari, Eunice Has ecosystem management based on techno-scientific practices twisted sustainability? 2019/2020
Nrkumah, Bright Youth Activists and Sustainable Food Systems in a Globalizing World 2022
O'Gorman, Emily Remaking Wetlands: Cultural Histories of environmental Change in the Murray-Darling Basin, c. 1800s-2000s 2014/2015
Olaniyan, Azeez Forest Reserves as Security Threats in Nigeria 2017
Oldenburg, Silke Wetland Politics: Social Belonging, Racial Politics and Urban Environmental Futures along the Colombian Caribbean 2023/2024
Oldenziel, Ruth Century of Cycling: Paths towards Sustainability 2016
Onyige, Daisy Gender and Climate Change: A Study of Rural Farming Households' Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change Based on Local Knowledge in the Niger Delta Region 2013/2014
Oslund, Karen Survival and Adaptation: Modern and Traditional Whaling in the Arctic, 1850–1920 2012/2013
Ott, Cindy Biscuits and Buffalo: Squashing Myths about Food in Indian Country 2015/2016
Oyekunle, Akinpelu Ayokunnu Complementary Epistemology: A Viable Framework for Environmental Philosophy 2022
Özdemirci, Ekin Green Filmmaking and Environmental Practices 2017/2018
Pádua, José Augusto A Tale of Two Forests: Comparing the Historical Patterns of Deforestation and Conservation in the Brazilian Atlantic and Amazon Forests - 1930-2012 2014
Parrinello, Giacomo Urbanization and Disasters: The Messina Earthquake (1908) and the Belice Valley Earthquake (1968) 2012/2013
Pastore, Christopher Between Land and Sea: The Atlantic Coast and the Transformation of New England 2012/2013
Peabody, Seth Environmental Fantasies: German Film History for the Anthropocene 2019
Pei, Qing Climate Change Economics between Europe and China 2018
Penrhyn Jones, Sara Enduring Connections: What Does Eco-engagement Look (and Sound) Like? 2018/2019
Peša, Iva Copperbelt Environmentalism: Mining and Environmental Values on the Central African Copperbelt, 1950–2000 2022
Pessis, Céline From Soil to Health: Environmental Knowledge, "Living Soils" and the Rise of European Organic Farming Networks 2022
Peterson, Maya Technologies of Rule: Empire, Water and the Modernization of Central Asia, 1867-1941 2013
Pettibone, Lisa The Role of Ideational Change in Sustainability Transitions 2016/2017
Philippon, Daniel Ideal Meals: Ecology, Morality, and Pleasure in the Sustainable Food Movement 2011/2012
Pilz, Anna The Wooded Isle: Trees, Inheritance, and Estates in Irish Writing 2018/2019/2020
Pimbert, Michel Towards Food Sovereignty: Reclaiming Autonomous Food Systems // Beyond Crisis Narratives: Transforming Knowledge on People-Environment Interactions 2012/2013
Pirzadeh, Saba Literary Waters, Petro-Violence, and Ecological Ethics in Helon Habila’s "Oil on Water" 2019
Plath, Ulrike Greening Baltic History: Gardens, Food and Bodies in Early Modern Times 2014/2015
Poleykett, Branwyn Eating Rich in Dakar 2018
Powell, Miles Apex Predators: Encounters with Sharks since 1900 2021
Praet, Istvan (Provisional) Cultural Perspectives of Natural Catastrophes: Amerindian Perspectives 2011
Price, Jenny Stop Saving the Planet!: Nature, History, and the Future of American Environmentalism 2013
Princen, Thomas Distant Horizons: An Ethic of the Long Term // Urgent Transition: Reconnection in a Biophysically Constrained, Ethically Challenged World 2014
Prokic, Milica Petrified Bodies, Humanised Stone: Embodied Environmental History of the Goli otok (Barren Island) Political Prison 2020
Puente, Javier Arid Pastures and Violent Paths 2018
Rácz, Lajos The Transformation of the Landscape in Hungary from the Age of the Turkish Wars until the Age of Modernization: Sixteenth to Nineteenth Century 2011
Regan, Jayne National Landscapes: The Australian Literary Community and Environmental Thought in the 1930s and 1940s 2019/2020
Reith, Reinhold Umweltgeschichte der frühen Neuzeit/Environmental History of PreModern Times 2009/2010
Rice, James Native America: An Environmental History 2012
Rigby, Kate Reimagining Creation in an Era of Extinction: An Hexameron for the Anthropocene 2020
Ritvo, Harriet At the Edge of the Wild 2014
Roy, Sumana Teesta: A Death Story 2018
Rozwadowski, Helen Environmental History of the Ocean 2018
Rozzi, Ricardo Biocultural Ethics and Conservation for Sustainable and Just Futures 2021
Ruiz, Rafico Phase State Earth: Ice at the Ends of Climate Change 2019
Russell, Edmund P. Neurohistory 2012
Ryan, Erin Breathing Air with Heft: Legal and Cultural Responses to Environmental Degradation in China 2019
Sandlos, John In the Shadow of the Mines: Mineral Development and Native Communities in Northern Canada 2012/2013
Sandwell, Ruth Heat, Light and Work in Canadian Homes: A Social History of Energy, 1850-1950 2019
San Martín, William Unequal Nitrogen Futures 2021
Sarveswaran, Vidya Where the Bougainvilleas Blooms: Stories of Place from a Resilient Landscape 2016
Satsuka, Shiho Towards a New Form of Environmental Ethics: Satoyama Landscape Revitalization and the Cultural Politics of Knowledge Translation 2012
Sayre, Laura A Short History of Organic Farming: From Reaction to Innovation 2014/2015
Scharf, Katharina Women and Gender in German and Austrian Environmental Movements 2021
Schiller, Greta Earth Repair (Documentary Film) 2015/2016
Schlichting, Kara Seasons in the City 2020
Schmid, Martin An Environmental History of the Danube 1500-1900 2011
Schneider, Birgit Assessing Transformation in Public Climate Visualization Projects 2017
Schrader, Astrid Caring with Haunted Microbes: Transformative Times in the Anthropocene 2022
Sedrez, Lise Cities under Water: A Comparative Environmental History of Floods in Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires 2022
Seow, Victor Carbon Technocracy: East Asia Energy Regimes and the Industrial Modern, 1900- 1957 2015
Seymour, Nicole Bad Environmentalism: Affective Dissent in the Ecological Age 2013/2014
Seymour, Nicole Object Lessons: Glitter 2020
Shehu, Muazu Diversity and Similarity in the Perception of Environmental Problems among Salafi and Sufi Muslim Denominations in Northeast Nigeria 2019/2020
Sheng, Fei The Australian Victorian Gold Rushes: A Research from the Perspective of Environmental History (1851–1880) 2013
Shopov, Aleksandar Urban Farming and Leasing in Early Modern Istanbul 2018
Sideris, Lisa Modern Science and the Varieties of Evolutionary Enchantment 2010
Sides, Kirk 2021
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