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Environment & Society Portal

The Environment & Society Portal (environmentandsociety.org) is the Rachel Carson Center's open access digital archive and publication platform. In addition to its two peer-reviewed born digital publications (Arcadia and Virtual Exhibitions), the Portal curates a variety of scholarly and popular materials on the relationship between nature and society. Users can explore this content in two ways: via traditional searching and browsing, or by experimenting with the Portal's three discovery tools (map, timeline, and keyword explorer) to find spatially, temporally, and thematically related results.


In partnership with the European Society for Environmental History, Arcadia is a collection of short peer-reviewed articles about sites, events, persons, organizations, or species as they relate to nature and society.

Virtual Exhibitions

The Portal’s Virtual Exhibitions are a curatec collection of digital objects, set within interpretive, interactive, peer-reviewed research essays.

Multimedia Library

The Multimedia Library, the Portal’s open access digital archive, is a trove of scholarly and popular environmental materials curated by RCC staff, fellows, associates, and partners.

Places and Events

Places & Events are illustrated summaries of environmentally significant sites and events that can be plotted and browsed on the Portal’s map and timeline.