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New Virtual Exhibition: Another Silent Spring by Donald Worster

The Environment & Society Portal team is pleased to announce this new open-access virtual exhibition!

In his accessible and compelling essay, Worster explains how human relations with other animals, wild and domestic, are at the core of a majority of epidemics. In the face of the current coronavirus crisis, he argues that an exclusive focus on human life and economy will keep neither the planet nor ourselves healthy. We must decide “whether we humans can or want to restore and protect the health, not just of ourselves, but also of the planet.”

Pandemics in Context: Annotated Links to Digital Resources

New on The Environment and Society Portal: the Pandemics in Context page offers a growing collection of annotated links to open-access media (analyses, primary sources, and digital resources) that help put pandemics in context. The pieces focus on environmental history/humanities aspects of, and approaches to understanding, pandemics.

CfP: Flows, Histories, and Politics of Pollution in Europe (17–20 Century)

Pollution has spurred the birth of environmental movements and the formation of the environmental history discipline. The time has come to view environmental pollution from a new angle. How have different perspectives shaped policies and how is the history of environmental pollution written in different political and cultural contexts? These and other questions will form the basis of an upcoming workshop at the RCC. The deadline for propsals is 1 June 2020 - read the full call here!

Matter of Degrees: New Blog Series on the Australian bushfire crisis

New blog series on Seeing the Woods! Only a couple of months ago, the bushfire crisis in Australia captured the world's attention. RCC Fellows Anna Pilz and Kate Wright introduce this new series of personal and scholarly reflections grappling with the scope, consequences, and global reach of this environmental tragedy. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming contributions!

Arcadia: Call for Submissions

Arcadia is now inviting submissions for its summer 2020 edition.

Arcadia: Explorations in Environmental History is an open-access, peer-reviewed publication platform for short, illustrated, and engaging environmental histories.

The deadline for submissions is 15 April 2020. Read the full call here.

New Issue of RCC Perspectives on Pacific Whaling

New Histories of Pacific Whaling, edited by Ryan Tucker Jones and Angela Wanhalla.

This volume brings together contributions from all corners of the Pacific Ocean, offering new perspectives on whaling from Aotearoa New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Fiji, Hawai‘i, Siberia, Alaska, and the Pacific Northwest. Utilizing new forms of evidence and new tools of interpretation, the authors delve into the depths of Pacific history in order to investigate and test the Pacific world concept and probe the limits of human abilities to know other species.


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