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Audio Additions to Springs: The Rachel Carson Center Review

You can now listen to Springs: The Rachel Carson Center Review! As part of our effort to make Springs more accessable, we have started to add audio recordings of our articles the website.

Tune in to “Encountering Ghost Species” by Cameron Muir, “Why I Sleep Outside” by Elin Kelsey, “The Poor Woods of Northern Nigeria” by Sule Emmanuel Egya, and “Earthworm” by Sumana Roy.

2024 Call for RCC Landhaus Fellows

The Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society and Herrmannsdorfer Landwerkstätten are pleased to invite applications for our fellowship program based at the Herrmannsdorf Landwerkstätten.

Fellowships are open to excellent doctoral, postdoctoral, and senior scholars working in the field of environment and society, and, for the first time, we also offer a fellowship for a writer-in-residence.

Please submit your applications via the application portal, which will be open from 2 May–15 June 2023.

Call for Applications: RCC MA Program “Environment and Society”

We are thrilled to announce that the RCC invites applications to the master’s program “Environment and Society,” which will start in winter 2023/24. The program is designed to equip students with the interdisciplinary knowledge and humanistic understanding to tackle key social and environmental challenges in constructive ways. 

Please apply by 31 May 2023 via the LMU Munich Graduate Center's online application portal, which is now open.

For more information, please click here.

Call For Papers: Extraction and Its Ecologies

We are looking for submissions for the workshop "Extraction and Its Ecologies: Inhabiting Fragmented Landscapes of Health". The workshop is intended to enliven methodological approaches, theoretical framings, and historical genealogies that explore impulses toward holistic framings of health without reproducing hegemonic discourses.

Please send a short CV along with a statement of 250–500 words to Gregg Mitman, g.mitman@lmu.de, and Emmanuelle Roth, e.roth@lmu.de, by 1 July 2023.

Second Issue of Springs: The Rachel Carson Center Review

The RCC is delighted to announce the release of the second issue of Springs: The Rachel Carson Center Review, an open-access online publication surveying the interrelationship between social and environmental changes. The authors, writing from Australia, the US and Canada, China, South Africa, and India, convey our international scope and global mission. In essays that inform and inspire, they share their perspectives on environmental concerns across place and time. This issue includes peer-reviewed essays on sharks and Monarchs, environmental historical analyses, creative nonfiction, and a poem about an earthworm that reminds us to look more closely.

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