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Fourth Issue of Springs: The Rachel Carson Center Review

The RCC is delighted to bring you the fourth issue of Springs: The Rachel Carson Center Review.

In this edition, our authors’ research and insights lead us across four continents, from the streets of downtown Los Angeles to the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon, into the woodlands of southwest Nigeria, and along Ukraine’s Dnipro River.

Green Visions Film Series

The summer 2023 film series lineup has been announced! “Climate Justice” is the overarching theme of this round of documentaries to start in March. View the current lineup here

The Rachel Carson Center hosts the Green Visions film series in cooperation with the Münchner Volkshochschule and DOK.fest München. The screenings of environmental documentaries from across the world are followed by discussions with directors, environmental experts, and film scholars.

New Virtual Exhibition: “From Hand Lenses to Telescopes”

The Environment & Society Portal team is pleased to announce the release of the virtual exhibition “From Hand Lenses to Telescopes: Exploring the Microcosm and Macrocosm in Chile’s Biocultural Laboratories” by Ricardo Rozzi et al.!

It presents for the first time the complementarity of the astronomical and biocultural research conducted at the extreme ends of Chile. The examination of biophysical dimensions discloses surprising similarities between structures and patterns of galaxies and rocks, rivers, and organisms, including humans on Earth. Explore the exhibition here.

Projects at the RCC

Alongside its graduate programs, the RCC hosts various externally funded projects—all contribute to the dynamic and multidisciplinary life of the center.

Visit our “Research” section to find out more about the projects, which cover topics from urban architecture to hazardous waste over climate politics and conservation humanities.