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Call for Applications: International Doctoral Program "Rethinking Environment"

Applications to the new international doctoral program "Rethinking Environment: the Environmental Humanities and the Ecological Transformation of Society" are now open. 12 TV-L 13 positions (65%) are being offered in cooperation with Augsburg University.

Applications are due by 15 April 2021 and are to be submitted through the applications portal of Augsburg University. To learn more about the new international doctoral progam, click here.

Call for Applications: RCC Doctoral Program

The Doctoral Program Environment and Society invites applications from graduates in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences who wish to research questions concerning the nature/culture/environment interface.

Please apply by 15 May 2020 via the LMU Munich Graduate Center's online application portal, which is now open. Only applications submitted through the portal will be considered. Click here for information on the application process.

RCC Fellowship Program 2021-2022

The center awards fellowships to post-doctoral scholars from a variety of countries and disciplines in the fields of Environment and Society.

The call for fellows 2021-22 is due to be released in March or April. The deadline will be a few months later.

New Issue of Perspectives: Strata and Three Stories

Based on their tandem lecture at the RCC’s 10th anniversary celebration, Julia Adeney Thomas and Jan Zalasiewicz return to explore the Anthropocene and the narratives that are driving the trajectories of the Earth System. The collaborative issue "Strata and Three Stories" is to be the final issue of the much-loved series RCC Perspectives: Transformations in Environment and Society. With their captivating (and oft unsettling) narratives, this call for multidisciplinarity will resonate across scholarly divides.

New Special Issue of Global Environment

The volume "The Environmental and Ecological Impacts of Guerrilla and Irregular Warfare," edited by Javier Puente, starts the conversation about "unconventional" conflicts and the ecological and environmental “disruptions” they result in. Focusing on examples from the Global South, the authors examine the complexities of guerrilla warfare, internal strife, and other domestic experiences of state and sociopolitical violence.

More information about Global Environment can be found here

Projects at the RCC

Alongside its graduate programs, the RCC hosts Researchers-in-Residence and other Third Party Projects - all contribute to the dynamic and multidisciplinary life of the center.

Visits our Research section to find out more about the projects: "Hazardous Travels," "Environing Infrastructures," the "RECOMS Innovative Training Network," "Urban Environments Initiative," "Corridor Talk," and "Cultural Heritage, Risks and Securing Activities!"

Seeing The Woods

The RCC Blog "Seeing The Woods" helps reveal the long and complex relationship between humans and nature. With regular new series and individual contributions, it demonstrates the relevancy and importance of humanistic and historical perspectives in discussions about current environmental challenges.

Check out the latest posts here!



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