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Visiting Doctoral Candidates

Mai Abbas

Mai Abbas, MS

Project: Agroecology for Health and Wellbeing

Ludovica Di Gregorio

Ludovica Di Gregorio, MA

Project: The Role of Monocratic Executives in the Development of Environmental Administrative Bodies: The Cases of the Italian President of the Council and the German Chancellor from 1972 to 1988

Nicole Fischer

Nicole Fischer, MA

Project: Novalis and Materiality: Analyzing, Contextualizing, and Fructifying the Romantic Writer from an Ecocritical Perspective

Zali Fung

Zali Fung, MS

Project: Contests Over Water and the Yuam River Water Diversion Project: Participation, Exclusion, and Resistance

Christiane Heisse

Christiane Heisse, MS

Project: The Political Economy of Natural Capital Accounting Between Policy, Finance, and Economics Imperialism

Leonardo Kurihara

Leonardo Kurihara, MS

Project: The Multi-Species Social Life of Pirarucu (Arapaima Gigas) in Amazon: Between Gift and Commodities in Times of Extinctions

Chiara Lanza

Chiara Lanza, MA

Project: The Soilscapes Beneath: Anglophone and Francophone Anthropocenic Narratives

Daniel Lara de la Fuente

Daniel Lara de la Fuente, MA

Project: Making Peace with Pests: From Conflict to Conviviality with Mosquitoes across Southeast Asia

Nicholas Pritchard

Nicholas Pritchard, MSt

Project: Time and the Deep Sea: Diffracted Temporalities and Ecological Artefacts

Giulia Simeoni

Giulia Simeoni, MA

Project: Averting the Apocalypse: The Responsibility of Writers Facing the Climate Crisis, 2000–2021

Adam J. Stone

Adam J. Stone, MA

Project: Women Citizen Activists and the End of the Cold War: Soviet and Western Transnational Connections, 1980– 1989

Krittika Uniyal

Krittika Uniyal, MA

Project: Contested Aerial Routes: Techno-Politics of Commercial Aviation Infrastructure in the Central Himalayan Region