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IDK Doctoral Candidates

Livia Cahn

Livia Cahn, MA

Project: Digging into Core Collections: Underground Environments

Lukas Emrich

Lukas Emrich, MS

Project: Urban Transformations in Grown Quarters: Capitalist Narratives and Socio-Ecological Processes within Common Spaces

Katharina Karrenbauer

Katharina Karrenbauer, MA

Project: Transformation for the Whole of Society? The Inclusion of Marginalised Voices in the Debates about the Ecological Transformation

Christopher Klapperich

Christopher Klapperich, MA

Project: Rethinking Reforestation: Native Trees, New Narratives, and the Potential of Bottom-Up Landscape Transformations in the Philippines

Katie Kung

Katie Kung, MA

Project: Lifeworld of Invasion: What and When Is an ‘Invasive Species’?

Felix Treutner

Felix Treutner, MA

Project: The Transformation of Environmental Thinking in Liberal Societies

Jasmijn Visser

Jasmijn Visser, MA

Project: Climate as a Protagonist in War—Narrative Patterns and Aesthetics of Climate Agonalities within Geopolitical Conflict

Floris Winckel

Floris Winckel, MS

Project: Studying Snowflakes, 1611–1966: A History of Science