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Katie Kung

Katie Kung, MA

IDK Doctoral Candidate


Katie Kung has a BA in French and English literature from Hong Kong University and Durham University, and an MA in transcultural studies from the University of Heidelberg. Being quintilingual, she has always been intrigued by how ideas travel, transform, and propagate. Her research has focused on the philosophy of time and apocalyptic thinking while using conceptual history as her tool of investigation. Her interest in environmental concerns stems from her upbringing in Hong Kong, where the skyscrapers, the islands, the jungles, and a world-class wetland frequented by migratory birds coexist in all their glory and disturbances. She is also a guardian of two cats and multiple houseplants, all of which are considered “invasive species” in most parts of the world. She was a Muay Thai fighter and is now a stroke survivor.

Dissertation project: Lifeworld of Invasion: What and When Is an ‘Invasive Species’?