Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society

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Visiting Scholars and Affiliated Researchers

Prof. Dr. Eveline Dürr

Eveline Dürr

Professor of Social and Cultural Anthropology

Sarah Ehlers

Sarah Ehlers

Affiliated Researcher

Prof. Dr. PhD MIT Anke Friedrich

Anke Friedrich

Professor for Geology Active Tectonics, Earthquake Geology, Neotectonics, Tectonic Geomorphology

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Gill

Bernhard Gill

Professor of Sociology (Apl.)

Prof. Dr. Michael John Gorman

Michael John Gorman

Chair in Life Sciences in Society, Biology Faculty Art-Science, Science and Society, History of Science, Life Sciences in Society, Science Communication, Public Engagement

Prof. Dr. Julia Herzberg

Julia Herzberg

Professor for the History of East Central Europe and Russia in Early Modern Times

Christiane Hille

Christiane Hille

Visiting Scholar

Project: Aesthetic Ecology in Chinese Art: Visual, Material and Natural Culture of the West Lake (960 – 1644)

Residency Period: 2019

Regina Keller

Regine Keller

Affiliated Researcher

Prof. Dr. Jens Kersten

Jens Kersten

Professor of Public Law and Management Sciences Environmental Law

Prof. Dr. Christoph Knill

Christoph Knill

Professor of Political Science and Public Administration

Prof. Dr. Hubertus Kohle

Hubertus Kohle

Chair for Medieval and Modern Art History French and German art in the eighteenth century to the classical modern period, digital art history

Prof. Dr. Stephan Lessenich

Stephan Lessenich

Professor of Sociology (Social Developments and Structures)

Prof. Dr. Wolfram Mauser

Wolfram Mauser

Deputy Director of the Department for Geography and Chair of Geography and Geographic Remote Sensing Resource Analysis, e.g. for Water

PD Dr. habil. Felicitas Meifert-Menhard

Felicitas Meifert-Menhard

Lecturer and Researcher of English Literature, LMU Munich

Francesca Mezzenzana

Francesca Mezzenzana

Visiting Scholar

Project: “The Natural World” and the Shaping of Subjectivity

Residency Period: 2020

Gregg Mitman

Gregg Mitman

Affiliated Professor

Project: Forgotten Paths of Empire: Firestone and the Promise of Liberia

Residency Period: 2013/2014; 2016/2017

Anna Pilz

Anna Pilz

Affiliated Researcher

Project: The Wooded Isle: Trees, Inheritance, and Estates in Irish Writing

Residency Period: 2018-2020

Prof. Dr. Karen Pittel

Karen Pittel

CESifo-Professor Director of the Ifo Center for Energy, Climate and Exhaustible Resources Professor for Economics Energy and Resource Economics, Sustainability and Growth

Prof. Dr. Henrike Rau

Henrike Rau

Professor of Human Geography and Sustainability

Lukas Schemper

Lukas Schemper

Visiting Scholar

Project: International organizations and development in the age of the “risk society” paradigm (1970s-1980s): IAEA and UNIDO

Residency Period: 2019

Prof. Dr. Markus Vogt

Markus Vogt

Professor of Catholic Theology Environmental Ethics, Economic Ethics, Borderline Natural Sciences - Theology

Prof. Dr. Gordon Winder

Gordon Winder

Professor of Economic Geography and Sustainability