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Summer 2013: Waste

21 March 2013: Taste the Waste (Germany 2010);

Discussion Partner: Valentin Thum (Director)

11 April 2013: Into Eternity (Denmark 2010);

Discussion Partner: Prof. Dr. Klaus-Jürgen Röhlig (TU Clausthal)

16 May 2013: Plastic Planet (Austria 2009);

Discussion Partner: Werner Boote (Director)

6 June 2013: Müll im Garten Eden (Germany and Turkey 2010);

Discussion Partner:  Prof. Dr. Sabine Wilke (University of Washington/RCC)

11 July 2013: Waste Land (Brazil 2010);

Discussion Partner:  Prof. Dr. Eveline Dürr (LMU Munich)

Download the Green Visions Film Series flyer from this semester (in German, 73 KB)