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Winter 2016-2017: Global Justice

20 October 2016: Inhabit - A Permaculture Perspective (USA 2015);
Discussion Partner: Jochen Koller, Permaculture Designer

10 November 2016: DamNation (USA 2014);
Discussion Partner: Prof. Dr. Uwe Lübken, LMU Munich

15 December 2016: Dukale's Dream (USA 2015);
Discussion Partner: Moritz Meisel, Fairtrade Germany

12 January 2017: The Last Ocean (New Zealand 2010);
Discussion Partner: Dr. Franziska Torma, TU Munich

02 February 2017: Cowspiracy (USA 2014);
Discussion Partner: Dr. Monika Zehetmeier, Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture

Download the Green Visions Film Series flyer from this semester.