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Past Projects

ENHANCE ITN Network (2015-2018)

Environmental Humanities for a Concerned Europe (ENHANCE) is a Marie Curie European Innovative Training Network (ITN) providing multidisciplinary doctoral training in Environmental Humanities.

Anthropocene Project (2012–2016)

This project explores the implications of the Anthropocene as a scientific concept and normative category.

Rights of Nature in Transatlantic Perspective (2016)

This cooperative project between Universidad Nacional del Litoral in Santa Fe, Argentina, and the RCC promotes transatlantic dialogue on the rights of nature.

Waste and Society (2013–2014)

With the LMU Munich Center for Advanced Studies (CAS), the RCC launched a new research cluster in 2013: “Waste in Environment and Society.”

Climates of Migration (2012–2014)

The project looks at the historical intersections between environmental change and migration, in particular past climate-induced movements of people.

Sustainability Lecture Series (2011–2012)

Leading up to the Rio+20 Summit, these lectures presented multifaceted research on sustainability to inspire citizens to participate in bringing about social change.

Global Environments Summer Academy (GESA) (2011–2012)

The Global Environments Summer Academy (GESA) is a collaboration between the RCC and the Global Diversity Foundation.

Environment and Memory: Towards an Archaeology of Environmentalism (2010–2014)

Environment and Memory is a concept that draws strongly on the tradition of critical history pursuant to Pierre Nora’s lieux de mémoire.

Atmosphere & Algorithms: Philosophical and Historical (2010–2012)

This project integrated researchers from Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and Great Britain to contribute to our understanding of environmental knowledge.