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ENHANCE ITN Network (2015-2018)

ENHANCE is a groundbreaking innovative training network (ITN) funded by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions program over four years that is dedicated to further establishing the Environmental Humanities as a field of cutting-edge scholarship in Europe and further afield. Made up of twelve international doctoral students based at four academic and research institutions and linked with five associated public partners—across Germany, Sweden and the UK—ENHANCE has been established in order to provide analytical, vocational, and complementary skills to up-and-coming researchers.

The main aim of the network is to provide its doctoral researchers with the training needed to place them at the forefront of a new generation of Environmental Humanities research. These doctorates will lead to a range of career pathways, including environmental consultancy, risk assessment, research and development, green business management, sustainable technologies media and communications, and not-for-profit work (environmental and wildlife NGOs).

The network’s research and training focuses on three major areas:

  • Natural disasters and cultures of risk
  • History of science and technology
  • Environmental ethics

Together, these address a series of core issues: wilderness and conservation; flooding and drought; climate change and risk; and waste, environmental health, and environmental justice. The research that comprises ENHANCE examines the social, cultural, and ethical factors that lie behind such major areas of international concern as water shortage, species extinction, and global climate change. This is furthermore linked into key European environmental policies, including the Climate Change Programme, the European Sustainable Development Strategy, the Water Framework Directive, and Natura 2000.

ENHANCE also aims to serve as a coordinated European network that will build links between interdisciplinary strands of research and the work of groups in green businesses, sustainable industries, and cultural and environmental organisations committed to finding new ways of addressing ecological issues and managing environmental and technological change.

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