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Mariana Arjona Soberón

Mariana Arjona Soberón, MS

Doctoral candidate

Mariana Arjona Soberón studied sociocultural anthropology at Yale University in the USA, followed by an interdisciplinary master's degree in environmental sciences at the University of Cologne. She was born and raised in Mexico and has been touring the world through academia. Her research focus lies on digital media, relationships to science, environmental understandings, speech, and activism. The working title of her dissertation is "#ViralEnvironmentalism—Digital Landscapes of Environmental Activism, Fridays for Future and Beyond." She is currently looking at the Fridays for Future movement in Mexico in the hopes of learning a thing or two. Currently she is a research associate at the Deutsches Museum where she functions as the head of the new Science Communication Lab. She has over eight years of professional experience in higher education institutions, where she developed and managed international cooperation projects, was the the academic director of the International Master of Environmental Sciences at the University of Cologne, and currently lectures on Science and Environmental Communication.

Dissertation project: #ViralEnvironmentalism—Digital Landscapes of Environmental Activism, Fridays for Future and Beyond