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Arun Adhikari

Arun Adhikari, MA

Doctoral candidate


Arun Adhikari earned his MA in Intercultural Conflict Management in 2014 from Alice Salomon Hochschule in Berlin. His MA thesis on the dynamics of transnational marriages discussed the impact of cultural differences in relationships, shifting gender roles and hybridity of cultural spaces. Arun also holds an MBA from Pokhara University in Nepal. After his MBA, Arun worked as a compliance manager in a financial derivative exchange in Nepal for two years.

His research interests include the impact of natural disasters, societal recovery, and social capital. He joined the Doctoral Program Environment and Society at the Rachel Carson Center in 2017. His research project—greatly influenced by the Potsdam Summer School on “Facing Natural Hazards,” which he attended in 2015—is focused on assessing Nepalese societies’ recovery from the two earthquakes that hit Nepal in 2015. In future, Arun aims to broaden his research experience in the area of disaster, climate change, and community engagement.