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Andreas Jünger

Andreas Jünger, MA

Doctoral Candidate


Andreas Jünger received a bachelor's degree in history and Romance studies (Spanish) from the University of Bonn. He graduated from the University of Münster with a master's degree in history in August 2014. His master's thesis was titled The Environmental Policy of the Chilean Government after the Military Dictatorship (1990–2010). Andreas's research interests include interdisciplinary research on organic farming (agricultural history and geography, political ecology, agro-food studies), the economic, social and environmental history of Germany, Spain and Chile in the 20th and 21st centuries, as well as the history of green parties and ecological movements, particularly in Germany and Spain. He undertook doctoral studies at the University of Bochum and obtained funding (Research School PLUS) for a five-month research stay in southern Spain (March to August 2017). Besides his academic research, he has worked as an activist for many years.

Andreas Jünger joined the Doctoral Program Environment and Society in April 2018 and currently works as events coordinator at the Rachel Carson Center. Find him on Twitter at @andreas_juenger.

Dissertation project: Values, practices and materiality of organic farming in Andalusia

Selected Publications: