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Sickness, Hunger, War, and Religion


04.03.2011 – 05.03.2011

Location: Museum Mensch und Natur, Schloss Nymphenburg, Maria-Ward-Str. 1, Munich

Michaela Harbeck (APPA), Kristin von Heyking (RCC), Uwe Lübken (RCC)

Program – English (pdf, 1,000 KB)

Conference Report – English (pdf, 183 KB)

From the Perspectives of Archaeology, History, and Anthropology. Organized by the Society for Anthropology's Working Group for Paleoanthropology and Prehistoric Anthropology (APPA) with the Rachel Carson Center (RCC).

For long periods in the history of humanity, human lives have been fundamentally shaped by sickness, hunger, war, and religion. Representatives of both the natural sciences and the humanities (anthropology, archaeology, history) will have the opportunity to discuss and analyze these four major influences on the development of the human population, drawing on their different perspectives. The goal is that with interdisciplinary and international cooperation with regard to this topic, fresh insights can occur.


Bild2     Bild3
Christof Mauch giving the workshop’s                                   Albert Zink in conversation.
opening speech.

Presenters of the panel "Syphillis in El Dorado," from right to left: Martin Traumann, Heiko Prümers, and Markus Ball.

Presenters of the panel on "The Plague," from right to left: Barbara Bramanti, Raffaella Bianucci, Stephanie Hänsch, Mark Achtman, Elisabeth Carniel, and Ole Benedictow.

Presenters at the table: (left) Marija Radović, (right) Dusan Borić, und at the lectern, Chair Heiner Schwarzberg.

Presenters of the panel "The Battle of the Teutoberg Forest," from right to left: Birgit Großkopf, Susanne Wilbers-Rost, and Achim Rost.