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RCC December Workshop

Featuring Carson Fellows

02.12.2011 09:30  – 16:00 

Location: Seidlvilla, Nikolaiplatz 1b

The RCC is pleased to be hosting a workshop featuring presentations by current Carson Fellows:

Dan Philippon (RCC / University of Minnesota, USA) on 'Ideal Meals: Ecology, Morality, and Pleasure in the Sustainable Food Movement'

Istvan Praet ( RCC / Roehampton University, UK) on 'Animism and the Perception of the Environment'

Bao Maohong (RCC / University of Beijing, China) on 'Land Transformations in Chinese Environmental History'

Fiona Cameron (RCC / University of Western Sydney, Australia) on 'Governing a Complex Climate Change: Liquid Governmentalities and the Climate Crisis'


This event is free and open to the public.