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Making and Unmaking Africa: Global Developments and Environmental Humanities

ISDD 2023 Conference

26.06.2023 – 28.06.2023

Location: Osun State University, Osogbo, Nigeria, and remotely via Zoom (feel free to join via the link in the PDF below)

Organizers: Global Affairs and Sustainability Development Insitute (GASDI), African Network of Environmental Humanities (ANEH), Rachel Carson Center (RCC)

This is the first environmental humanities conference on the African continent. As a joint initiative of Osun State University, the RCC, and RCC’s Society of Fellows, it brings together scholars from a number of different environmental disciplines to present and discuss topics ranging from animal and plant histories to climate change, and from environmental pollution to conservation and infectious diseases. Keynote speakers include Sandra Swart, Usman Tar, Chief Ifaemi Elebuion, and others. Many of the featured speakers are current members or alumni of the Rachel Carson Center in Munich.

The conference starts at 9:00 local time, which is 10:00 CET.

Linked below are

  • the Zoom link to join the conference remotely (“ISDD 2023 Zoom Link”);
  • the introductory flyer of the conference (“ISDD 2023 Conference Flyer”);
  • and the brochure of the conference, including the full conference schedule (“ISDD 2023 Brochure”).