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Jutta Kister on “Sustainability as Strategy to Govern Alpine Club Mountain Huts”

ContoursTalks series

21.11.2022 16:00  – 18:00 

Location: Rachel Carson Center, Conference Room (4th floor), Leopoldstr. 11A, 80802 Munich

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Jutta’s talk sheds light on the attempts to transform remote alpine mountain huts, which enable high-mountain nature experiences for a large number of trekking tourists every year, into a more sustainable operation. The development of a sustainability strategy for the mountain huts complements the recent climate change adaption policy of the Alpine Club. Jutta presents insights of a transdisciplinary project approach that was developed to reflect on the multiplicity of entanglements of the huts’ places and everyday practices to nature on different scales and distances. The Alpine Club Sections as non-governmental actors are facing a broad range of challenges linked to the future operation of mountain huts and related to responsibility towards environment and society.

About Jutta

Jutta Kister is a human geographer, currently working at the Catholic University in Eichstätt and affiliated to the Geography Department at the University of Innsbruck. She studied Geography, Politics and Empirical Cultural Studies in Tübingen and Rio de Janeiro and completed her PhD in Innsbruck. Jutta is investigating in human-environmental relations, economic and social geography topics with an emphasis on sustainable development. Her research interests are in the sustainable provision and consumption of agricultural and forestry resources and the formation of alternative value chains. She also works on transdisciplinary projects and has a strong empirical focus. For further information visit Jutta’s personal website here.

About ContoursTalks

The ContoursTalks series is organized by the ERA.NET-funded research project CONTOURS: Conservation, Tourism, Remoteness. For more information on the CONTOURS project and ContoursTalks, click here.

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