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A Reflective Lens on Environmental History

Environmental Photography Workshop

09.07.2018 – 11.07.2018

Location: Studienhaus Gut Schönwag, Schönwag 4, 82405 Wessobrunn

Presenter: Alison Pouliot, www.alisonpouliot.com

Photographic images shape our perceptions and the ways we understand environmental history.

The role and influence of images are rapidly changing in the age of digitization, social media, and mass dissemination.

This workshop explores a wide range of environmental themes through active discussion, illustrated seminars, practical field trips, and constructive image critique sessions.

We will examine the role of photography in communicating environmental history—in particular, the interplay of social and political influences. Through discussion of participants' research we will discuss the various challenges in creating compelling images. How can we more effectively develop visual concepts using literal and allegorical images, in order to express ideas as powerfully, or even more powerfully, than words?

Where and how do aesthetics and environmental photography converge?

The workshop also covers the practicalities of developing observation skills and fine-tuning to the particularities of environmental subjects. Participants will receive advice on identifying subjects and anticipating them in space and time in the context of photographic principles like composition and exposure.

You can find the program here.

Read doctoral candidate Sasha L. Gora's blog post on the workshop here.