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Oberseminar: History, Culture, Environment


30.10.2017 – 01.11.2017

Location: Studienhaus Schönwag, Germany

Eline Tabak: Reading against the Anthropocene? An Enquiry into the Impact of Environmental Literature

Eveline de Smalen: "This City beyond Conservation”: Materiality and Place in Sean O’Brien’s Poetry

Kiley Kost: Materiality and Temporality: Jenny Erpenbeck’s Narrative of the Anthropocene

Jeroen Oomen: Dreaming of the Designer Climate: The Rise and Fall of Climate Intervention 1945–1990

Martin Meiske: Geological Knowledge in the Construction of the Panama Canal

Ayushi Dhawan: India’s Shipbreaking Business, Emerging Economies, and “Right to Pollute”

Jonas Stuck: Binational Toxic Waste Trade and the Two Germanies

Claudio de Majo: Common Properties on Southern Italian Uplands: Origins, Apogee, Demise, and Revival

Gustaf Johansson: Exponential Times: Statistical Visualizations and the Visual Language of Global Crisis in Swedish Public Culture during the Early 1970s

Xiaohui Liu: The Transformation of American Urban Environment and the Building of Eco-Cities in the United States since 1960

Sarah Earnshaw: Humanitarian Strikes: Interrogating the Biopolitics of US Drone Warfare

Sasha Gora: Eating Wildly: Taste, Evergreens, and the Vernacularization of Haute Cuisine in the Nordic Region and Canada


Dr. Travis Klingberg (RCC)
PD Dr. Charlotte Lerg (Amerika-Institut)
Prof. Dr. Uwe Lübken (Amerika-Institut)
Prof. Dr. Christof Mauch (RCC)
Dr. Simone Müller (RCC)
Dr. Katie Ritson (RCC)