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"Building an Ecosophy" with Arran Stibbe


15.07.2016 10:00  – 12:00 

Location: Rachel Carson Center, Leopoldstr. 11a, 4th Floor Conference Room

This event has been organized as part of the RCC's Environmental Studies Certificate Program

Ecolinguistics is a recently emerging form of analysis where texts are interrogated for the underlying stories that they tell, and then these stories are judged against an ecological framework, or ecosophy. An example would be analysis of the language of ecosystem assessment reports which reveals an underlying story that plants, animals, and nature are resources for humans to exploit. The story is judged against the analyst's personal ecosophy, which may be that plants, animals, and nature have intrinsic value and need to be respected.

The use of an ecosophy allows the analyst to judge texts using clear criteria, which are openly available to the reader. In this workshop we will be working on our own personal ecosophies, by looking at a wide range of available ecosophies from Cornucopianism to Deep Green Resistance. We will treat these ecosophies critically, rejecting some and weaving others into a personal framework that can be used for ecolinguistics analysis.

Please register for this workshop in advance by contacting katharina.mueller@rcc.lmu.de to receieve the necessary reading material.