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Dramas of Ecology

Carson Fellows Workshop

28.03.2011 10:00  – 16:00 

Location: RCC Conference Room

The workshop "Dramas of Ecology" will be held at the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society on 28 March 2011 with presentations by our Carson Fellows.

The event is free and open to the public. Lunchtime snacks will be provided.

The speakers and presentation titles are listed as follows:

  • Robert Gioielli
    "Inner-City People Are Our Most Endangered Species": Urban Environmentalism in Postwar America
  • Anne Milne
    A Rural Poet in Britain: Acting Locally in Mary Leapor’s Upon Her Play Being Returned to Her, Stained with Claret (1751)
  • Marc Elie
    Halting or Taming the "Black Dragon?" Mudflow Hazard and the Controversy over the Medeo Dam in Kazakhstan, 1958-1973
  • Alexa Weik von Mossner
    Troubling Futures: American Popular Culture and the Imagination of Global Environmental Risk


Photos from the event:

gioielli dramas

Robert Gioielli discussing different American presidential administrations' policies on urban environments

elie dramas
Marc Elie explaining the political-geographical landscape of Kazakhstan

milne dramas
Anne Milne assessing the prose of eighteenth-century British depictions of rural life