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‘Natur’: Norm und Narration der Landwirtschaft / ‘Nature’: Norms and Narration about Landscapes



Location: Katholische Hochschulgemeinde, Leopoldstr. 11

The Center for Advanced Study thematic cluster ‘Landwirtschaft zwischen Idyll und Dystopie: Grüne Gentechnik als Projektionsfläche von Naturbildern (Agriculture between Idyll and Dystopia: Green Gene Technology as a Projection Screen for Visions of Nature)’ is hosting a conference on various ‘nature’ images and how these constructions impact societal discourse on genetic engineering.

The conference is in cooperation with the Rachel Carson Center; RCC Director Christof Mauch and Research Fellow Julia Herzberg are both members of the thematic cluster. Former Carson Fellow Martin Knoll will be giving a talk at the event. The conference will be held in German.

For more information (in German) and to register, please visit the conference website.