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Future Fellows


Carson Writing Fellowships

  • Luis Alberto Arrioja, El Colegio de Michoac´an, A. C. (Mexico), “Under the Insect´s Twilight: Climate, Plagues, and Disasters in Guatemala Kingdom (1769-1807)”
  • Anna Barcz, Institute of Literary Research, Polish Academy of Science / University of Bielsko-Biala (Poland), “Environmental History and Cultural Memory in Eastern Europe 1940-1991”
  • Evan Berry, American University (USA), “Profane Energies: Religion in the Fossil Fuel Era”
  • Elizabeth DeLoughrey, UCLA (USA) “Outer Spaces: Imagining the Ends of the Earth”
  • Malcom Ferdinand, Royal Netherland Institute of Southeast Asiana and Caribbean Studies (KITLV), “Toxic Tropics: Philosophy and Politics of the Use of Chlordecone in the French Antilles”
  • Rachel Gross, University of Montana (USA), “From Buckskin to Gore-Tex: A Consumer History of Outdoor Recreation”
  • Robert Groß, Institute of Social Ecology/AAU (Austria), “Marshall’s Niche”
  • Mary E. Mendoza, University of Vermont (USA), “Unnatural Border: Race and Environment at the U.S.-Mexico Divide”
  • Ajit Menon, Madras Institute of Development Studies (India), “Genealogies of Belonging: The Political Ecology of Conservation in a South Indian Hill Region”
  • Jayne Regan, Independent Scholar (Australia), “National Landscapes: The Australian Literary Community and Environmental Thought in the 1930s and 1940s”
  • Rafico Ruiz, University of Alberta (Canada), “Phase State Earth: Icebergs at the End of Climate Change”
  • Mu’azu Shehu, Gombe State University, (Nigeria), “Diversity and Similarity in the Perception of Environmental Problems among Salafi and Sufi Muslim Denominations in Northeast Nigeria”
  • Mark Stoll, Texas Tech University (USA), “Capitalism: An Environmental History”
  • Xiaoping Sun, Saint Mary’s University (Canada), “Feeding the Nation from the Wilderness: Food, Migration, and Environment in China”
  • Jessica White, University of Queensland (Australia), “Ecobiography: Exploring Environments and Selves”
  • Thomas White, University of Cambridge (UK), “Pastoral Politics at the Frontiers of China’s ‘Ecological Civilization’”
  • Kate Wright, University of New England (Australia), “Gleaning the Soils of Silver City: Cultural Revival and Anti-Colonial Resistance in a Community Garden”

Interdisciplinary Fellowships

  • Eunice Nodari and Rubens Nodari, Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil), “Has Ecosystem Management Based on Techno-Scientific Practices Twisted Sustainability?”

Outreach Fellowships

  • Sarah Kanouse, Northeastern University (USA), “My Electric Genealogy”

Short-Term Fellowships

  • Cecilia Åsberg, Linköping University/Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (Sweden) and Lauren LaFauci, Linköping University (Sweden), “On Common Ground: Synthesizing Environmental Humanities for Climate Change Action”

2019/20 Fellowship Cohort

Unmaking and Remaking ″Nature″

  • María Valeria Berros (Universidad Nacional del Litoral-CONICET, Argentina) and Rita Brara (University of Delhi, India) on ″ River Rights: Tracing the Ebb and Flow of Judicial Currents Across Continents and Countries″
  • Stefan Dorondel (Stefan Francisc I. Rainer Institute of Anthropology, Romania) on ″ Global Nature, Multispecies Approach and the Ecological Restoration of the Danube″
  • Samantha Grover (RMIT University, Australia) and Andrea Rawluk (University of Melbourne, Australia) on ″ Pete who? Collaborative reimagining of peatland restoration in the Global South″
  • Marcus Hall (University of Zurich, Switzerland) on ″Our Bodies, Our Planet: A Parasite’s View of Human History″
  • Thomas Lekan (University of South Carolina, USA) on ″Arusha 1961: The Making of the Global Environment in an East African Town″
  • Milica Prokic (University of Bristol, UK) on ″Petrified Bodies, Humanized Stone—Embodied Environmental History of the Goli otok (Barren Island) Political Prison″
  • Anna Varga (Independent Scholar) on ″Shepherding the Wild: Unmaking and Remaking Hungarian Wood Pastures″
  • Monica Vasile (Independent Scholar) on ″Rewilding the Carpathians: Bison reintroduction, Environmentalism, and New Forests″

Sufficiency, Postcapitalism, and the Good Life

  • Diana Bocarejo (Universidad del Rosario, Colombia) on ″Living a Good Life: Ethics and Water Governance″
  • Kelly Bushnell (University of West Florida, USA) and Johnny Issaluk (Royal Canadian Geographical Society) on ″Out Land: An Arctic Life″
  • Kelly Donati (William Angliss Institute, Australia) on ″Multispecies Gastronomy: Entangled Worlds of Food and Farming in the Capitalocene″
  • Stephen Halsey (University of Miami, USA) on ″Prometheus Bound: Environmental Crisis and the Developmental State in Modern China″
  • Iain Hay (Flinders University, Australia) on ″ The Dark Side of Green: An Examination of Perverse Environmental and Geographical Consequences of Living Well with Less″
  • Steven Vanderheiden (University of Colorado at Boulder, USA) on ″Visible Carbon: Transparency, Sufficiency, and Sustainable Transition″
  • Rafael Ziegler (University of Greifswald, Germany) on ″ Sufficiency and Culture: Rereading Albert Schweitzer in a Post-growth Context″

Urban Environments

  • Joseph Adedeji (The Federal University of Technology, Nigeria) on ″African Urban Wildernesses as Cultural Entities: Bioculturalism between the Global North and South″
  • Jiat-Hwee Chang (National University of Singapore) on ″(Trans)forming the Air-conditioning Complexes: Climate Control, Built Environment, and Society in Singapore and Doha″
  • Johanna Conterio (Flinders University, Australia) on ″ Greening Moscow: Urban Planning, Social Engineering and the Politics of Green Space in the USSR, 1931-1941″
  • Sonja Dümpelmann (Harvard University, USA) on ″Labyrinth, Hippodrome, Race-Track: Berlin’s Urban Environments for Health and Sport″
  • Ute Hasenöhrl (University of Innsbruck, Austria) on ″ Empires of Light, Empires of Darkness″
  • Yifei Li (New York University, USA and New York University Shanghai, China) on ″Down to Earth: Authoritarianism Environmentalism and Sustainable Urbanism in the Age of Global China″
  • Catherine McNeur (Portland State University, USA) on Sister Scientists: Two Remarkable Women in Pursuit of Their Passion
  • Marcus Owens (University of California at Berkeley, USA) on ″Towards a History of the Sustainable Park″
  • Kara Schlichting (Queens College, CUNY, USA) on ″Seasons in the City″
  • Bettina Stötzer (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA) on ″Becoming Urban: Animals, Plants and the Resilience of Cities in an Era of Environmental Change″
  • Winnie Lai Man Yee (University of Hong Kong) on ″The Urban in the Ruins: Studies of Ecotopia in the Chinese Urban Texts in the 2000s″

Society of Fellows Fellowships

  • Claiton da Silva (Universidade Federal da Fronteira Sul, Brazil) on ″An Invisible buen vivir in the Subtropical Brazil: Lessons from the Puxirão caboclo″
  • Katherine Morrissey (The University of Arizona, USA) on ″ The Nature of Conflicts: Transformations of Mining Landscapes″