Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society

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Future Fellows


Carson Writing Fellowships

  • Timothy Brown, Northeastern University (USA), “The Greening of Cold War Germany: Environmentalism and Social Movements across the Wall and Beyond, 1968–1989”
  • Judith Carney, University of California Los Angeles (USA), “Mangroves: Habitat of African Survival in the Atlantic World”
  • Anita Carrasco, Luther College (USA), “The Embrace of the Serpent: A Chronicle of Atacameño Life in the Face of Mining”
  • Catherine Dunlop, Montana State University (USA), “Mistral: Environment and Society in Nineteenth-Century France”
  • Jared Farmer, Stony Brook University (USA), “Latest Oldest Living Beings”
  • John Kim, Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry (Germany), “History of Limestone Use and Its Effects on Rivers: How We Transformed a Life-Giving Rock into a Pollutant”
  • Matthew Klingle, Bowdoin College (USA), “Sweet Blood: Diabetes and the Changing Nature of Modern Health”
  • Meredith McKittrick, Georgetown University (USA), “The Redemption of the Kalahari: White Settler Society and the Agrarian Imagination in Southern Africa”
  • Samantha Walton, Bath Spa University (UK), “Cultures of Nature and Wellbeing”
  • Michael Watts, University of California, Berkeley (USA), “A History of Oil and Water”

Outreach Fellowships

  • Sara Jones, Bath Spa University (UK), “Enduring Connections: What Does ‘Eco-Engagement’ Look (and Sound) Like?”
  • Werner Krauß, University of Hamburg (Germany), “Klimawandel als Kulturkampf? Ethnologie der Klimablogosphäre”
  • Margaret Lowman, California Academy of Sciences (USA), “A Girl Who Loved Pistils—Saving Forests Through the ‘Power of One’”

Short-Term Fellowships

  • Melissa Haeffner, Margaret Barbour, Sam Grover, Fern Hames, Karen Hawke, Jessica Reeves, Ghislaine Small, Lindsay Stringer, Nicole Webster, “Women and White Space: Reflecting on Antarctic ‘Wilderness’ and Joining the ‘Transdisciplinary Dots’”
  • Wesley Mwatwara, University of Zimbabwe, “Livestock Disease Management in Postcolonial Zimbabwe, 1980 to Present”