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Discoveries 2010: Energy (2010)

The RCC and the Deutsches Museum joined forces and prepared their first exhibition for the "Discoveries 2010: Energy" exhibition of the island of Mainau. This exhibition was part of the 2010 “Year of Energy,” sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The RCC / Deutsches Museum pavilion displays the changes in energy production and consumption from the “wooden age” to the present.


Opening Ceremony Report (pdf, 145 KB)

Countess Bettina von Bernadotte
An exhibition preview for school children: Countess Bettina von Bernadotte, in front of the display case with energy consumption objects, helping kids answer quiz questions about the exhibition. © Stiftung Lindauer Nobelpreisträgertreffen am Bodensee


Ministers and guests viewing the exhibition
Everyone is enjoying the exhibition: RCC Director Helmuth Trischler guides (from right to left) Annette Schavan, Federal Minister of Education and Research, Andreas Jung, Member of the Federal Parliament, and Countess Bettina von Bernadotte through the exhibition. © Stiftung Lindauer Nobelpreisträgertreffen am Bodensee


Overview of the DM/RCC pavilion. © Frank Dittmann