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Urban Environments Initiative—Spaces of Living in Transformation

Virtual Workshop


Convener: Prof. Dr. Eveline Dürr, Prof. Dr. Regine Keller

Location: Rachel Carson Center, Schlachthof, Isarauen

Following the Urban Environment Initiative’s official launch at last October’s “Urban Environments—International Perspectives” workshop, “Spaces of Living in Transformation” is the next event to bring together scholars based at LMU Munich (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München), TUM (Technische Universität München), NYU (New York University), and the University of Cambridge. Workshop participants will be invited to share expertise on the theme of urban transformations from a variety of viewpoints and case studies. 

The in-person portion of the workshop is expected to take place in November 2020. The workshop is the first of a series of events that will be organized in association with the Urban Environments Initiative that runs until July 2021.