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Pablo Fajardo on "The Chevron Case and Human Rights in the Amazon"

HazTrav Lecture & Discussion Panel

12.10.2018 16:00  – 18:00 

Date: 12 October 2018

Location: Rachel Carson Center (RCC), Fourth Floor Conference Room

The Hazardous Travels Research Group is pleased to invite you all to a roundtable discussion with Pablo Fajardo.

Get to know the activist and lawyer who has been fighting for environmental justice in Ecuador for decades—achieving a tentative victory against oil giant Texaco/Chevron this July. Fajardo will give a short presentation on "The Chevron Case and Human Rights in the Amazon," which will be followed by a discussion. Ecuadorean PhD student Fausto Ignatov will act as interpreter for this event.

Coffee and cake will be served.