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Environmental Context of Human Evolution and Dispersal

International Workshop

12.10.2016 – 14.10.2016

Location: Rachel Carson Center, Munich, Germany

Conveners: Rachel Carson Center, Department of Earth- and Environmental Sciences (LMU)

The workshop is designed to bring together international experts and advanced graduate students from different disciplines to discuss the geological frame and the environmental changes that took place concurrent with human evolution. Our keynote speakers will provide a brief general overview and then discuss their latest research results in context. Participants will gain a general understanding of the early evolution of humans and their animals in East Africa, and learn basic principles of how to relate landscape, environment and geology to the evolution of life. The field trip will take everyone to the oldest archaeological sites in southern Germany.

Student participants, who will take the course for credits will be asked to participate actively in all aspects of the course, take notes and prepare a term paper. The maximum number of participants for the field trip is 15!

Please sign up for the workshop until 5 October with Dr. Simon Kübler: s.kuebler@lmu.de

Please find the program here or read our blog post about the event.