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Anthropocene Objects and Environmental Futures


05.07.2015 – 07.07.2015

Location: Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, Munich

Date: 5–7 July 2015

Conveners: Rob Emmett (RCC/Munich), Gregg Mitman (Center for Culture, History, and Environment, University of Wisconsin) and Marco Armiero (Environmental Humanities Lab, KTH Stockholm)

This upcoming workshop is the second one in a three part series, co-sponsored by the Center for Culture, History and Environment (UW-Madison) and the Environmental Humanities Lab (KTH Stockholm). This workshop builds on the success of the Anthropocene Slam in November 2014.

Further information on the  program can be found here.

View the conference report here.

Submitted papers (for participants only; password protected)

Bristow, Tom_Seed (PDF, 706KB)

Farmer, Jared_Futurefossil (PDF, 168KB)

Hanwahr, Nils_Sat_Tag (PDF, 138KB)

Harkness_Simonetti_Winter_Concrete (PDF, 9.167KB)

Heller_Matza_Sand (PDF, 435KB)

Hennessy, Liz_Cryofreezer (PDF, 726KB)

Hersko, Judit_Annacabinet (PDF, 3.411KB)

Kroll, Gary_Snarge (PDF, 308KB)

Mart_Muir_Pesticidespray (PDF, 251KB)

Miller, Daegan_Monkeywrench (PDF, 119KB)

Sörlin, Sverker_Mirror (PDF, 187KB)

Warren, Julianne_Huia_Echoes (PDF, 455KB)

Wiggin, Bethany_Anthropocene (PDF, 604KB)

Wodak, Josh_Coral (PDF, 290KB)


Recommended Reading (for participants only; password protected):

Anthropocene Group Nature Correnspondence (PDF, 175KB)

Haraway, Anthropocene, Capitalocene, Plantationocene (PDF, 277KB)

Lewis, Maslin, Defining the Anthropocene (PDF, 341KB)

Malm, Hornborg, The Geology of Mankind (PDF, 828KB)

Monastersky, The Human Age (PDF, 817KB)


Castree et al., Changing the Intellectual Climate (PDF, 667KB)