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Film: A River Changes Course

DOK.fest - 28th Munich International Documentary Film Festival

13.05.2013 at 20:30 

Location: Staatliches Museum für Völkerkunde, Maximilianstrasse 46

"We're no longer afraid of wild animals and ghosts. Now, we're afraid of people cutting down the forests.”
A River Changes Course uses beautiful, quiet images to express the consequences of globalization in three different regions of Cambodia and on three different protagonists, families, and ethnicities. The passage of time is something they must all come to terms with. It affects the children above all. Should the next generation continue with their parents' traditional lifestyle? Or should they go to the city and seek their livelihoods as day labourers in the textile factories owned by big Chinese and American corporations? The debt crisis, food safety issues, environmental scandals and the consequences of globalization are seen here from an unusual perspective. A touching debut film from the prize-winning camerawoman, Kalyanee Mam.

The film will be in English and Khmer with English subtitles.

Camera: Kalyanee Mam. Sound: Zach Martin, Angie Yesson. Editing: Chris Brown. Music: David Mendez.
Length: 83 min.

The RCC is partnering with DOK.Fest to screen this film. Information on tickets and the full program can be found on the DOK.Fest website.