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Salmon Voices: Indigenous Peoples and the Fish Farming Industry


07.10.2011 – 08.10.2011

Location: Amerika Haus, Munich

Conveners: Dorothee Schreiber (RCC), Camilla Brattland (University of Tromsø) , Stine Barlindhaug (Fram Center, Tromsø), Per Klemetsen (University of Tromsø)

Conference Report (pdf, 168 KB)

This workshop will explore how the salmon aquaculture industry is experienced by coastal indigenous peoples in Canada and Norway. The links between the Sami and First Nations in Canada were established decades ago through the global indigenous movement. In recent years, some First Nations leaders have appealed to Norwegian authorities to consider the state of the wild salmon and the environmental impacts of the fish farming industry, while others have resolved their disagreements with this industry. Yet there appears to be little direct exchange of knowledge between Canadian and Norwegian indigenous peoples about the environmental, legal, cultural, and economic dimensions of salmon aquaculture. In bringing together representatives from coastal Sami communities, First Nations from British Columbia and Atlantic Canada, as well as academics from both countries, we intend to build linkages between indigenous communities, and come to a better understanding of how this globalized industry is experienced locally. What are the hopes and fears for the future of the wild fisheries and the fish farming industry? What successes and problems have emerged out of discussions between indigenous communities, industry, and government management agencies? Through presentations and round-table discussions, this workshop will explore issues of consultation, industry-indigenous partnerships and agreements, indigenous rights, risk and scientific uncertainty, indigenous ecological knowledge, and the economic and social sustainability of salmon aquaculture.

This event is free and open to the public. However, registration is required, as space is limited. Please register via email: events@carsoncenter.lmu.de