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Is Complexity the New Framework for the Study of Global Life?


11.02.2011 at 13:00  – 12.02.2011 at 12:00 

Location: Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, Munich

Emilian Kavalski (RCC), Gordon Winder (RCC)

Program – English (pdf, 6.74 MB)

Conference Report – English (pdf, 322 KB)

Climate change has become one of the most prominent instances of the increased vulnerability to the catalytic effects of small events whose consequences are felt later, elsewhere, and by others. The interconnectivity that marks its challenges has suggested not merely the pervasive resilience of chaotic uncertainty, but also the altered condition(s) of global life. Owing to the scope and multifaceted nature of current global challenges, some have suggested a paradigm shift based on the infusion of social scientific inquiry with the conjectures of Complexity Theory (CT).  By bringing together younger and established academics to explore the potential and practicality of integrating CT into the study of social science, the workshop aims both to reflect upon and illuminate the analytical, pedagogical, and policy implications from the incorporation of CT into social scientific inquiry.