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Homo Oecologicus: The Human Conception for a Lasting Development in the Twenty-First Century—Philosophical Aspects


04.03.2011 – 05.03.2011

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Meier-Walser (University of Regensburg), Prof. Dr. Siegfried Höfling (Hanns Seidel Stiftung)

Sponsors: Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung E.V.

The environmental sciences have predicted a grave climate change and have demanded that humans drastically change the way in which they interact with the environment. But is there a practical possibility of a "homo oecologicus," that is, an ideal conception of man actively concerned about man's lasting impact on our planet? This conference will explore the the conditions and consequences of an increasingly environmentally-aware society.

This event will be held in German.

To sign up, send a fax to +49891258-469 or e-mail to Ref0205@hss.de with the subject heading "Homo Oecologicus" and address. The deadline for registration is 24 February 2011.