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History Underground: Environmental Perspectives on Mining


23.06.2011 – 25.06.2011

Location: Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, Munich

Conveners: John McNeill (RCC), Frank Uekötter (RCC)

Conference Report (pdf, 152 KB)

Call for Papers – English (pdf, 89 KB)

Program – English (pdf, 1 MB)

Mining is one of the oldest human activities. Mankind has dug holes to retrieve precious materials everywhere from the Yukon to the Australian outback, and the toll for the land, the workers, and the surrounding environment has often been heavy. Numerous conflicts have arisen from these effects.

The general goal of this conference is to take stock of the global history of mining (for metals, fuels and other materials) from an environmental viewpoint. Therefore, the organizers welcome proposals on mining anywhere in the world at any point in time. However, we particularly encourage proposals that offer one of the following:

• Comparisons between regions, states, or continents, or between different types of mining.

• Trans-regional or transnational perspectives which analyze mining as a global network.

• Perspectives on the rise of large mining conglomerates and their implications for the environment.

• Discussions of efficiency in mining as it relates to environmental issues.

• Mines as consumers of resources (such as wood or water).

• Case studies of how one form of mining replaced another.

This event is free and open to the public. However, registration is required, as space is limited. Please register via email: E-Mail schicken an events@carsoncenter.lmu.de E-Mail

Papers (for participants only, secured by password):