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Summer 2012: Water

14 March 2012: Flow (USA 2008);
Discussion Partner: Prof. Dr. Wolfram Mauser (Professor of Geography, LMU Munich)

18 April 2012: Über Wasser (Austria 2007);
Discussion Partner: Dr. Christiane Fröhlich (Center for Peace and Democracy Research, University of Osnabrück)

16 May 2012: Gasland (USA 2010);
Discussion Partner: Dr. Werner Zittel (ASPO Germany)

13 June 2012: Water Makes Money (Germany / France 2010);
Discussion Partners: Leslie Franke and Herdolor Lorenz (Directors)

11 July 2012: The End of the Line (Great Britain 2009);
Discussion Partner: Dr. Katharina Jantzen (Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institute / Institute of Sea Fisheries)

Download the Green Visions Film Series flyer from this semester (in German, 220 KB)