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September 2020 Fellows and Researchers-in-Residence

12 scholars selected


The RCC is pleased to announce that the following scholars will be joining us in autumn 2020 as Carson fellows and researchers-in-residence. These scholars will join approximately 10 other fellows who were selected as part of the 2019-2020 cohort. We plan to select more fellows and researchers-in-residence later in the year; these scholars will join us in January 2021, May 2021, or September 2021 respectively. 

Carson Fellows:

  • Cheryl Knott (University of Arizona, USA) on ″Environmental Projections: How The Limits to Growth Books Changed the Way We Think About the Earth’s Future″
  • Cherry Leonardi (Durham University, UK) on ″Bush Wars? Conservation, Conflict and Cultures of Nature in South Sudan and Northern Uganda, c. 1840-2020″
  • Catherine Rigby (Bath Spa University, UK) on ″Re-imagining Creation in an Era of Extinction″
  • Joe Roman (University of Vermont, USA) on ″Eat, Poop, Die: Lifting Baselines to Restore the Ecological Role of Animals″
  • Olusegun Titus (Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria) on ″Musical Representations of Oil Exploration and Honeybees (Dis)placement and Endangerment in the Niger Delta of Nigeria″


  • Antoine Acker (University of Zurich, Switzerland) on ″AnthropoSouth: Latin American Oil-Based Futures in the Development Century (1920-1975)″
  • Jemma Deer (Harvard University, USA) on ″Living After Life: Reading and Writing Extinctions″
  • Tatiana Kasperski (Pompeu Fabra University, Spain) on ″Waste Futures in Post-Soviet Russia″
  • Julia Leyda (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) on ″The Climate Unconscious: Contemporary Screen Cultures of the Banal Anthropocene″
  • Davide Orsini (Mississippi State University, USA) on ″Life in the Nuclear Archipelago: Experts, Publics, US Nuclear Submarines, and the Technopolitics of Risk in Cold War Italy″
  • Astrid Schrader (University of Exeter, UK) on ″Caring with Haunted Microbes: Transformative Times in the Anthropocene″
  • Thomas Smith (Masaryk University, Czech Republic) on ″Eco-Social Enterprises and Heterodox Economic Futures″