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What are the responsibilities of an AR?

The AR needs to spend at least two months in residence in Munich; the rest of the work can be done from the AR's home country. The AR takes responsibility for the complete preparation of the grant—conceptualization, drafting the proposal, preparing the budget.

The AR should present their work while in residence at the RCC. The RCC will help the AR access the research and grant writing support services at LMU Munich, and our administration and directors will provide feedback on the proposal.

The AR further obligates themselves to be an active participant of the RCC community while in residence. They should attend Tuesday Discussion, Works in Progress, and Lunchtime Colloquium and work in the office at least three days a week.

The AR must be prepared to relocate to Munich, should their grant proposal be successful. In the event that the proposal does not go through, the AR is under no obligation to return the funds provided for preparing the grant.