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Impressions from the International Workshop “Standing on a Cliff: War and Peace in Environmental History”

16–18 May 2024 at Renmin University of China in Beijing


This workshop, which took place in May 2024, comes out of a longstanding cooperation between the Center for Ecological History at Renmin University in Beijing and the Rachel Carson Center in Munich. “Standing on a Cliff: War and Peace in Environmental History” investigated the impact that military activity had on environments around the globe. It brought together Chinese environmental historians with anthropologists and historians from every continent. Lisa Brady of Boise State University gave the keynote talk at the opening event. The main discussions took place both at Renmin University and at Peking University.

The international conference series is held in China every year. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the series had to be discontinued for several years and transferred to NYU in Athens, Greece, in 2022. This year, the workshop returned to its host city Beijing for the first time.