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New Book by Diana Villanueva-Romero, Carmen Flys-Junquera, and Lorraine Kerslake


Imaginative Ecologies: Inspiring Change through the Humanities is the title of the new book edited by former RCC fellow Diana Villanueva Romero (University of Extremadura), Carmen Flys Junquera (University of Alcalá), and Lorraine Kerslake (University of Alicante) as part of Brill's series Nature, Culture and Literature. The collection of essays foregrounds the role of literature and the fine arts in working towards a more sustainable world and provides a more general outlook on the environmental humanities. Scholars from various disciplines, practitioners, and environmental activists highlight how imagination can create awareness and change. 

The chapter "Humanities in Transition in the European Context" by Diana Villanueva Romero contains an interview with RCC Director Christof Mauch on the story of the RCC in relation to the rise of the environmental humanities in Europe.