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Giacomo Parrinello's "Fault Lines" Wins Second Award


Former fellow Giacomo Parrinello’s book Fault Lines (vol. 6 in the RCC series Environment in History with Berghahn Books) has received the 2016 ANCI-Storia book prize, jointly awarded by the SISSCO (Society of Historians of Modern Italy) and the ANCI (National Association of Italian Municipalities).

The award committee praised Parrinello’s book as combining rigorous research with an innovative approach to earthquakes that reveals the connections between environmental history and social, cultural, and political dynamics. The application of up-to-date investigative tools and methods make it a valuable contribution to the history of southern Italy. They conclude with a reflection that the book “highlights the fragility of the landscape—something we experience afresh with each new tragedy, but often quickly relegate to the history archives.”