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RCC Donors

The Society of Fellows works to support both its members and the RCC in general through a comprehensive giving campaign. The RCC would like to thank those who have already generously contributed.

RCC Donors

Ruth Oldenziel 
Cindy Ott 
Bron Taylor
Elena Feditchkina Tracy
Catherine Dunlop 

Funds for Bicycle Repair and Upkeep

Serenella Iovino
Katherine Morrissey
Ruth Oldenziel
Karen Oslund
Helen Rozwadowski
Paul Sutter
Tony Weis

1 - 99 €

Robert Gioielli
Eva Jakobsson
Patrick Kupper
John Meyer
Greta Kuppers
WCEH Reception 2014

100 - 249 €

Ines Amorim
Franz-Josef Brüggemeier
ESEH Reception 2015
Amy Hay
Paul Josephson
Anne Milne
Cindy Ott
James Rice
Libby Robin
ASEH Reception 2014
ASEH Reception 2018
Helmuth Trischler

250 - 499 €

Marc Elie
Hou Shen
Mei Xueqin
ESEH Reception 2017

500 - 999 €

1000+ €

Christof Mauch
Uwe Spiekermann
Donald Worster