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Doctoral Candidates

Arun Adhikari

Arun Adhikari, MA

Project: Nepalese Societies’ Recovery from the 2015 Earthquakes

Veit Braun

Veit Braun, MA

Project: Appropriating Life: Property in the Age of Bioeconomics

Saskia Brill

Saskia Brill, MA

Project: Negotiating Air: Cultural Perceptions of Greenhouse Gases

Azeb W. Degife

Azeb Degife, MA, MSc

Project: The Impact of Larger-Scale Agricultural Investment in Ethiopia, Gambella Region

Claudio de Majo

Claudio de Majo, MA, MSc

Project: Collective Properties and Ecology on Southern Italian Mountains in the Contemporary Era

Ruhi Deol

Ruhi Deol, MA (Sociology), MA (Human Geography)

Project: Sun, sea, sand, susceptibilities: Adaptive capacities amongst agricultural and fisher households in the Andaman Islands, India

Eveline de Smalen

Eveline de Smalen, MA

Project: Cultural Imagination of the Rhine-Meuse Delta in the Netherlands and the Humber Estuary in England

Ayushi Dhawan

Ayushi Dhawan, MA

Project: India’s Shipbreaking Business, Emerging Economies, and the “Right to Pollute”

Maximilian Feichtner

Maximilian Feichtner, MA

Project: Texaco's Legacy: Ghost Acres and Dirty Technology Transfers in the Indigenous Amazon Region of Ecuador

Sasha Gora

Sasha Gora, MA, MSc

Project: Going Native? The Influence of the New Nordic Food Movement on Canadian Cuisine and its (Re)imaginations of First Nations Food Cultures

Nils Hanwahr

Nils C. Hanwahr, MSt MSc

Project: Big Data Environments: Database Infrastructures, Data-intensive Knowledge, and Epistemology

Dorothea Hutterer

Dorothea Hutterer, MA

Project: Local Environmental Aspects of a Former Bishop’s County

Lawrence Ibeh

Lawrence Ibeh, MSc

Project: Disaggregated Assessment of the Risk of Resource-use Conflicts and Management: The Case of Oil Extractive Coastal Territories of Nigeria

Fausto Ignatov Vinueza

Fausto Ignatov Vinueza, MA

Project: The Ambivalences of Success: Discourses on Development, Progress, and Extractivism

Katrin Kleeman

Katrin Kleemann, MA

Project: Impacts of the Laki Fissure Eruption of 1783

Claire Lagier

Claire Lagier, MSc

Project: The Brazilian Landless Movement

Vikas Lakhani

Vikas Lakhani, MSc

Project: Dynamic Climates of Memory: Environmental Learning, Risk Perception, Remembering and Forgetting Disasters

Oliver David Liebig

Oliver David Liebig, MA

Project: The Mero Ikojts and the Wind: Energy Assemblages and Indigeneity in Mexico

Christina Littlejohn

Christina Littlejohn, MSc

Project: What is Equitable vs. What is Fair: Including Transitioning Economies in International Climate Economic Policy

Simon Märkl

Simon Märkl, MA

Project: Big Science Fiction: Discourse about Nuclear Fusion Research in the United States

Martin Meiske

Martin Meiske, MA

Project: The Birth of Geoengineering: Large-Scale Engineering Projects in the Early Stage of the Anthropocene (1850–1950)

Francis Nwosu

Francis Nwosu, MA

Project: Removing the “Structures of Sin” in Nigerian Polity: A Practical Inroad (Approach) to Sustainable Development and Authentic Capability Expansion in “Mma-Ndu” (Mmadu)

Jeroen Oomen

Jeroen Oomen, MA

Project: Working in the Eye of the Storm: A Sociology of Climate Engineering

Noemi Quagliati

Noemi Quagliati, MA

Project: Wildness in the Time of Photography: An Itinerary in the Modern Representation of Nature

Valentina Roxo

Valentina Roxo, MA

Project: Struggle for Oil: An Environmental History of West Siberia, 1970s -2008

Pavla Šimková

Pavla Šimková, MA

Project: Budweiser Beer in the History of the Czech Lands and the United States

Jonas Stuck

Jonas Stuck, MA

Project: Transnational Toxic Waste Trade and the Two Germanies—From the Environmental Turn to Reunification

Eline Tabak

Eline Tabak, MA

Project: Reading against the Anthropocene? An Investigation of the Impact of Environmental Literature

Elena Torres Ruiz

Elena Torres Ruiz, MA

Project: The Invention of Urban Farming – Crisis Management or Sustainable Future? An Examination of Urban Farming Approaches to Detroit’s Post-Industrial Problems

Fabian Zimmer

Fabian Zimmer, MA

Project: Water Power on Celluloid: Cultures of Hydroelectricity in 20th-Century Utility Film