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RCC Perspectives is the online journal of the RCC. It exists to record and reflect on the diversity of events and dialogues at the Center. We aim to solicit short, provocative, less formal pieces of scholarship on a broad spectrum of topics related to society and environment, bringing academics into contact with a wide range of readers, from academics in different disciplines to the educated general public. RCC Perspectives provides a forum for scholars and thinkers engaged in a broad spectrum of topics related to society and environment. To download PDF and e-book versions of the journal, please visit RCC Perspectives.

Environment & Society Portal

The Environment & Society Portal allows users to explore and discover online environmental humanities resources and interpretive materials. Visit the Environment & Society Portal.

Carson Fellows

Our Carson Fellowship Program is one of our primary activities. We provide funding for both highly regarded, established researchers and promising young scholars, who are looking to complete books or articles that correspond to one of our research themes.

Learn more about Carson Fellowships and how to apply.

Meet our current Fellows, past Fellows, and future Fellows.

Exhibition "Welcome to the Anthropocene: The Earth in our Hands"

The special exhibition “Welcome to the Anthropocene: The Earth in Our Hands” explores the idea of a new geological era that is shaped by the deep interventions into nature by humans as bio- and geological agents. It opened in December 2014 and will run through January 2016.

About the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society

The RCC is an international, interdisciplinary center for research and education in the environmental humanities and social sciences.

Our namesake is the American biologist, nature writer, and environmentalist Rachel Carson, whose accessible writing raised awareness worldwide about threats to the environment and human health. Learn more about the life and work of Rachel Carson.

While we are based in Munich, Germany, our staff and fellows come from all over the world, and our working language is English.


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