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New Perspectives Volume: Visions of Australia: Environments in History

A new issue of RCC Perspectives has been released!

This volume explores the way that Australasian environments have been envisioned, worked, and changed in the past, and how ideas about places inform the present and future of the continent. It looks at some typical visions of Australia—the bush, the Great Barrier Reef—but also at mines, shorelines, sediments, and wheatfields, and beyond these to the historical networks of human and non-human actors that shaped these places.

Call for Applications: General Operations Internships

The RCC is welcoming applications for the General Operations Internship, to start inSeptember 2017. 

The internship program provides the opportunity to gain insight into the administration of an acclaimed academic institution. It also offers the chance to attend weekly events, socialize with accomplished international researchers, and get a new and unique perspective on the important issues of our time.

The application deadline is 31 June 2017. See the full call for more information and eligibility.

New Volume in Umwelt und Gesellschaft

Roman Köster is a longstanding RCC affiliate. His recent publication Hausmüll: Abfall und Gesellschaft in Westdeutschland 1945–1990 (2017) is the 15th volume in the RCC’s German language series Umwelt und Gesellschaft published by Vandenhoek & Ruprecht.

Köster examines the social, political, and economic challenges arising after the phenomenal increase in consumerist culture and waste production in West Germany following the Second World War.

Arcadia: Diseases and Pests in History

“We cannot see them with the naked eye, yet their presence can decide over our life or death. . . . We try to describe, control, or exterminate them, yet our efforts often speak more about ourselves than about our would-be enemies.”

The Environment & Society Portal’s latest Arcadia collection explores historical perceptions and management of diseases and pests as well as broader environmental, political, and ethical implications of pest and disease control. The collection is also open to new contributions!

Special Exhibition "energie.wenden" at Deutsches Museum

Opening 15 February, the new Deutsches Museum special exhibition “energie.wenden” looks at the challenges of present and future energy transitions. Ten sections explore the characteristics of different energy sources and technologies as well as the logistics of transport, heating, and energy distribution. A role-playing game allows visitors to engage more deeply with the topic by seeing the effects of different energy policy decisions.

Click here to learn more.

RCC Blog: Seeing the Woods

Seeing the Woods regularly publishes pieces written by RCC fellows, students, visiting scholars, staff, as well as select external contributors.

With features on events, personal experiences, and book reviews, among others, it aims to demonstrate the relevancy and importance of humanistic and historical perspectives in discussions about today’s environmental challenges, as well as striving to connect scholarship and public discourse in order to find solutions to environmental problems.

For all the latest posts and more information, visit the blog here.


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