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RCC Special Issue of Global Environment Out Now


The fantastic Rachel Carson Center 2024 special issue of Global Environment: A Journal of Transdisciplinary History, edited by Céline Pessus and Marin Coudreau, is now published under the title “Silent Springs. Global Histories of Pesticides and our Toxic World(s).” It is part of a longstanding collaboration between the RCC and The White Horse Press.

“How many ‘silent springs’ have there been since Rachel Carson published Silent Spring in 1962?” With this question, the special issue begins its global journey through the recent history of pesticides and the environment. It tracks toxicity in the production of vegetables and spices, in the products, and in the final waste; it questions pesticide regulations and their resistance movements; and it enquires how we come into contact and interact with peticides in our everyday life through its creative contributions.

This is also one of the first Global Environment issues that is available as an open-access journal on the Liverpool University Press website. You can download and read it via this website. The full issue may be downloaded here (PDF, via Dropbox, 14mb).