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New Book Published by RCC Student Swantje Furtak and Prof. Hans Joosten


RCC Master student Swantje Furtak has co-written a nonfiction book on peatlands with Prof. Hans Joosten. Moore sind wie Menschen, nur nasser [Peatlands are like humans, but wetter] was released on 31 May 2024 by the German publishing house Katapult-Verlag.

Some people already know that one should not use peat soil for flowerpots and that dry peatlands are bad for the climate. But why is this actually the case? Swantje Furtak and Hans Joosten dispel numerous myths in their book and provide answers to our most pressing questions: How do all the bodies get into the peatland? How do I get out if sunken in? Are there peatlands in outer space? And do humans really have to disappear if we want to protect peatlands? But above all, they show how people and peatlands can work together in harmony.

As professor emeritus of peatland science and palaeoecology at the University of Greifswald, Hans Joosten knows almost everything there is to know about peatlands. Swantje Furtak, RCC Master student, loves the peatland, but knows little to nothing. Together they are unbeatable and note down insights which they would never have gained on their own.

A copy of the book Moore sind wie Menschen, nur nasser can be found at RCC’s library or bought in a local book store nearby or online with Katapult-Verlag. The book was published in German, but if you have any idea for a publishing house that might be interested in publishing an English version, please do not hesitate to reach out to the authors. Peatland love needs to be spread all over the world.

The RCC community would like to congratulate Swantje and Hans on their beautiful and insightful book.

Full Reference

  • Furtak, Swantje, and Hans Joosten. Moore sind wie Menschen, nur nasser. Greifswald: Katapult-Verlag, 2024.