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New Article Featuring Francesca Mezzenzana


A new article featuring anthropologist and Freigeist fellow Francesca Mezzenzana has been published in “Knowledge” section of the German magazine FOCUS today. The article “Auf dem Spielplatz des Lebens” [On Life's Playground] is written in German by Micheal Kneissler. He relies on Francesca's experience as an anchor for his introduction to the child rearing practices of the Runa, an Indigenous people in Ecuador. It includes many quotes and anecdotes by Francesca.

You can find the magazine online here. If you want to find out more about Francesca's research in an RCC-outlet, you could have a look at her Springs article on the same topic.

We would like to warmly congratulate Francesca on this feature!

Full reference: Kneissler, Micheal. “Auf dem Spielplatz des Lebens” [On Life's Playground]. Focus 12 (2024).