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Paper by RCC 2017/2018 Group Writing Fellows Published in One Earth


“Expanding Collaborative Autoethnography into the World of Natural Science for
Transdisciplinary Teams”—a paper by the 2017/2018 Group Writing Fellows: Melissa Haeffner, Fern Hames, Margaret M. Barbour, Jessica M. Reeves, Ghislaine Platell, and Samantha Grover has been published in One Earth.

The paper explores collaborative autoethnography as a transdisciplinary tool that can be used to bridge the disciplinary gap between natural and social scientists as they work together to address wicked problems such as climate change.

An open-access copy of the paper is available here.

You can also visit Breaking the Ice: Women, Science, and Antarctica featured in the Rachel Carson Center Seeing the Woods blog for a deeper dive into the transdisciplinary work of the researchers.