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New Book by Anna-Katharina Wöbse and Patrick Kupper


Former RCC fellows Anna-Katharina Wöbse (University of Gießen) and Patrick Kupper (University of Innsbruck) published their new book Greening Europe: Environmental Protection in the Long Twentieth Century—A Handbook as part of De Gruyter's series Contemporary European History. This edited collection narrates the various aspects and events that have contributed to the idea of a shared European environment and helped to make Europe more sustainable and resilient.

The book includes a chapter on "Moving Mountains: The Protection of the Alps" by Romed Aschwanden, Maria Buck, Patrick Kupper, and RCC doctoral candidate Kira J. Schmidt and a chapter on "Transcending the Cold War: Borders, Nature, and the European Green Belt Conversation Project along the Former Iron Curtain" by Astrid M. Eckert and RCC research fellow Pavla Šimková