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New Book by Alumna Eunice Blavascunas

Foresters, Borders, and Bark Beetles: The Future of Europe's Last Primeval Forest


In her new book, published by Indiana University Press, Eunice Blavascunas brings together the complex histories of Europe’s last primeval forest. At Poland’s boarder with Belarus, the Białowieża Forest has long been the stage of complex biological, political, and cultural relationships and conflicts. Its rich ecosystems are on the one hand cherished and protected and on the other hand exploited and undervalued in ongoing power struggles. The forest’s human and nonhuman inhabitants are having to deal with the increasing challenges caused by outbreaks of bark beetles. In this thorough and engaging account, the author combines 20 years of cultural analysis, ethnographic reading, ecology studies, and natural history research to provide a uniquely comprehensive account of the history of the Białowieża Forest.