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May 2021 Fellows

5 Scholars Selected


The RCC is pleased to announce that the following scholars will be joining us in May 2021 as Carson Fellows.

  • Evan Berry (Arizona State University, USA) on ″Profane Energies: Religion in the Fossil Fuel Era″
  • Matthew Gandy (University of Cambridge, UK) on ″Urban Refugia″
  • Rebecca Kariuki (The Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology, Tanzania / University of York, UK) on ″East and Southern African Drylands Futures: Scenarios of Land Use, Land Cover Change, and Changing Climates and National Development″
  • Munira Khayyat (The American University, Egypt) on ″A Landscape of War: Ecologies of Resistance and Survival″
  • Ricardo Rozzi (Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity, Chile / Universidad de Magallanes, Chile / University of North Texas, USA) on ″Biocultural Ethics and Conservation for Sustainable and Just Futures″

We are also looking forward to welcoming many members of the May 2020 cohort, which was postponed to May 2021, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.